Cafflano Kompact Coffee Maker


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The Cafflano Kompact Coffee Maker is a very simple pour & press brewer. Its easy brew design allows you to make coffee wherever you go. With a stainless steel filter, you get all the flavour of your best coffee. It packs down in its rigid case which is perfect for in a backpack or travel bag. The spout size works with nearly any coffee mug. The food-grade silicone bellows hold up to 270 mL of water. You can also use the Kompact Coffee Maker to make a great cold steeped coffee brew. This works because it seals up and is inverted when it’s brewing. The Cafflano Kompact Coffee Maker is easy to rinse and clean. It also takes a minimum of space when packed up – giving you one more way to ensure excellent coffee AND have convenience when travelling, too. It’s perfect for your camping trip, road journey, RVers, and hotel stays!

Weight .340 kg
Dimensions 13.7 × 13.5 × 8.6 cm


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