Bisou Gone With The Wind Loose Tea


Bisou Gone With The Wind Loose Tea

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Bisou Gone With The Wind Loose Tea is a lovely herbal collection of wildflowers, mint, rooibos, and herbs, all of which make a very fragrant collection. There are hints of rose and ginger that compliment the mint, for a cleansing finish. It as low antioxidant levels, and as an herbal rooibos tea, it also has no caffeine. Like all of Bisou’s teas, it’s 100% organic and it is primarily sourced from Washington State, USA, and Patagonia, Chile. Its ingredients are 100% organic, and include peppermint and spearmint leaves, rosehip pieces, ginger, rooibos, and the petals of rose, calendula, sunflower and osmanthus flowers. It’s best steeped at a slightly higher temperature, 95C (203F) for 5 minutes. Each beautiful tin holds 60 grams of loose tea. This is the perfect tea to relax and unwind with.

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