Cupper's Blended Coffees

We make our unique coffee blends with Fair Trade, sustainably grown coffee beans from all over the world. Our master roaster meticulously roasts them in small single source batches and then mixes them to create the best of all the flavours. We then package and ship all our coffee within 5 days of roasting.

We are constantly tasting new coffees after they’ve been roasted at different levels of finish. Then the coffees are blended based on their flavour profiles. Our ultimate goal is to create the best possible cup going! You’ll find a full range of coffees to keep your day pumping. Our most popular blends are Bad Coffee and Gravelbar… grab a pound today!

FREE SHIPPING on orders of 10 lbs. or more.

Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Coffee Beans to learn more about where your favourite beverage comes from!

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