Green Tea

Cupper’s has a variety of loose and bagged green teas for you. Green tea also has caffeine than black tea, making it great for later in the day. Green tea is also well-known for its anti-oxidant values. Try it hot for a relaxing, calming drink, or cold for when you want to chill on a hot day. To make the best green tea, steep it at a lower temperature than when making black tea.

Choose your tea from several excellent tea producers, including Rishi, Numi and Metz Specialty. We also carry sencha and matcha teas for your tea ceremony needs. We love the teas we have in-store and online and use several of them on our drinks menu. Ask any of our staff if you need assistance finding the right tea for you!

For more information on teas in general, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Luxury Tea to learn more about the different types. Or take a look at our Premium Tea Brands and learn more about the different companies we carry. For a completely different tea experience, try making any of these teas with our Kouridashi Cold Brew Tea Recipe.

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