Espresso Coffee Blends

Cupper’s espresso coffee blends produce fantastic depth of flavour and amazing crema in your espresso shots. While many think espresso is either a type of bean or roast, the reality is slightly different. Espresso coffee blends are actually based on mixing a variety of roasted beans to create a perfect crema and flavour. As a result, these blends also make superb regular coffees no matter how you brew them! Many also think espresso coffees are dark roasts only, but our highest selling espresso is actually almost all medium!

These are our suggested espressos, but you can also try any of our other coffees as an espresso. Go with what tastes good to you! For our suggestions click on the pictures for flavour profiles, purchase options, and other details.

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Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Coffee Beans to learn more about where your favourite beverage comes from.

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