Herbal Teas

All of Cupper’s herbal teas are non-caffeinated, and come from all around the worlds of tea. In addition to our regular herbal teas we also carry several rooibos teas, which are an evergreen from South Africa.

Try our different herbal teas, made with spices, herbs, fruits, berries, flowers and more. They’re all amazing hot, or try them as a iced tea when it’s too warm outside. If you don’t want it warm at all, these make excellent sun teas, too. Add a few slices of frozen fruit or berries to make it extra special! We also try to ensure we’re carrying a wide selection in both loose and bagged teas. Check back often, as tea selections change with the seasons.

For more information on teas in general, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Luxury Tea to learn more about the different types. Or take a look at our Premium Tea Brands and learn more about the different companies we carry. For a completely different tea experience, try making any of these teas with our Kouridashi Cold Brew Tea Recipe.

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