Bisou Velvet Pomegranate Tea


Bisou Velvet Pomegranate Loose Tea

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Bisou Velvet Pomegranate Tea has a white tea base that lends itself well to the natural flavours of fried nuts and honey sweetness. The juicy pomegranate sourness smoothly slides into the velvet warm vanilla finish. There’s also a fresh floral note that supports the whole cup. As with most white teas, this has a high antioxidant level but low caffeine. Like all of Bisou’s teas, the Bisou Velvet Pomegranate is 100% organic, with the tea sourced from Fujian, China at an elevation of 800 metres. Its ingredients include white tea and natural flavours. It’s best steeped at a lower temperature of 80C (176F) for 3 minutes. Each beautiful tin holds 50 grams of loose tea. This would make an amazingly tart, cold brewed tea for those hot summer months.

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