Spring Blend, all new and shiny


Only available from the first day of Spring to the first day of Summer!

Ah, Spring! “I’m sorry for the things I said when it was Winter.” Our Cupper’s Spring Blend is one of the best things about the change of seasons. This lively blend of light and medium roasts will give you a much-needed shot of spring energy! Take time to enjoy the wonderful aromas: spice, peach, and graham cracker. It has a bright, juicy body that carries the intensity of the flavours. The layers of flavour will help you forget about the long mornings scraping the ice off your car windshield in the freezing cold! You’ll pick up hints of toffee and stone fruit, honey and black tea… finished out with nutmeg and dark chocolate. Here for a limited time only. #perksofspring

Bag Size

1 lb, 5 lb


Whole Bean, Drip, Press, Bialetti, Espresso, Keurig, Turkish, Aeropress