12 Reasons Why Coffee is the Best Fundraiser

Are you looking for the best fundraising ideas? Look no further than a coffee fundraiser with Cupper’s Coffee & Tea.

Finding the right product to start your fundraiser can be tricky. With today’s competitive market you will need to find a fundraiser that sets your group apart. Cupper’s Coffee & Tea has the perfect product. Fresh roasted coffee is the ultimate fundraising idea. Our fundraising partners agree.
Our coffee fundraiser is like no other. Your group gets to select the coffee blend it wants to sell. Your fundraiser will be completely customized to your organization. We even pair you with one of our in-house graphic arts experts to help you design your own custom bag. 
Check out our list of 12 reasons why coffee is the best product for your fundraiser!

1. The Wow Factor

Bright yellow paper wall with woman in bright yellow bursting through it

Coffee and tea are unique products among traditional fundraising products. If you have supported local fundraisers before, you know that there’s not a lot of options.

  • Catalogs full of stuff you’d never otherwise buy.
  • Subscriptions to magazines you’d never otherwise subscribe to.
  • Boxes of chocolate almonds you give away to friends.
  • Cookies and cookie dough you don’t want.

Delicious, fresh roasted coffee and high-quality teas are an exciting change. These are products you actually want and will use!

2. Popularity

6 people around a table having a coffee break.

Coffee and tea are universally loved products, and Canadians love both. 70% of adults in Canada drink coffee on a regular basis. Tea is well-loved as well: in fact, it’s the world’s most consumed hot drink. Between the two, you have a product almost everyone wants.

3. Artisan Product

Josh in background, coffee roaster and tamper in front of him

Fresh roasted coffee beans are a high-end product. You can’t buy fresh roasted coffee everywhere. It’s an artisan product whose perceived value is very high. In fact, we have to tell our customers to drink the coffee, don’t save it for a special occasion! It’s best consumed when fresh and flavourful.

Our teas are also world-class brands. We source them from the artisans who make the tea, and we take pride in our offerings. People appreciate being able to buy the best of the best AND support your cause at the same time.

4. Flexible Options

Yellow and Red pencil tied in a knot on a diagonal red/yellow background

Coffee is perfect for all kinds of fundraising campaigns. It’s even suitable for year-round fundraising. Because coffee and tea are so well loved, they are adaptable to any kind of fundraiser. And because they aren’t seasonal, they make a perfect consumable product any time of year.

5. Simple

Coffee Cup on a pink and yellow background

Coffee and tea are easy-to-understand and easy-to-use products. There is not a lot of “explaining” involved! The words “fresh roasted coffee” or “quality teas” says it all for you. And your supporters will appreciate buying something that doesn’t need anything extra to enjoy it.

6. Customizable

Cuppers black coffee bag with a big white label in front of a school

Custom labeling allows you to show your vision or mission in a way that makes it clear to your supporters. At Cupper’s, we’ll take your fundraising mission and help you design the perfect label for it. We’ll help you hone in on the most important information. The resulting label demonstrates your fundraising mission in a unique way. 

Custom labeling also helps spark motivation and excitement in your volunteers. It shows who’s supporting you to people outside your sphere. It also makes your product stand out as supporting your cause!

7. Clear Branding

samples of fundraising coffee bags at Cupper's

When the branding reflects the values of the group, your volunteers find it much easier to talk about. It can be as simple as a photo of your custom branded coffee on your volunteer’s phone. Solid branding is a great selling tool.

8. Tangible Product

A paper bag of fundraising coffee being handed to a customer

Having a product to sell is better than asking for a donation. People like to get something of real value in return, to use and enjoy while also contributing to the cause. 

It also gives your supporters the chance to buy the product as a gift for someone. Those who receive gifts also appreciate getting something while supporting a good cause.

9. High Profit

Accounting calculator with tape, and 25% on the screen

This is one of the best parts of a coffee fundraiser. The profit projections are easy and straightforward. 25% is yours, no matter what. We don’t have minimum orders. There’s no difficult calculations. It’s easy to figure out how much coffee you want need to sell to achieve your fundraising goal.

10. Simple Inventory

Man sitting by boxes calculating his fundraising benefits on a clipboard.

With a simple and easy product, you don’t have to stockpile a whole bunch of inventory. When you have enough orders received, submit your order… and coffee appears. You don’t have to buy and stock inventory ahead of time. We’ll roast and blend your coffee to fill your orders as they come.

11. Shelf Stable

Clear coffee cup with beans in and around it

Fresh roasted coffee is shelf stable. That means there is no need for refrigeration or special treatment. We’ll package and label it for you fresh as it’s roasted based on your orders. Then your coffee is easy for supporters to pick up and volunteers to deliver.

Best of all, because you can order it as requested by your supporters, you don’t need to stockpile it for a long time.

12. Residual Fundraising

one red and one black calculator behind a pile of toonies loose change

To give your supporters more opportunity to support you, we offer Residual Fundraising. This means supporters can buy your signature blend year-round. We call it the “Fundraiser That Keeps on Raising”.

Cupper’s will track orders and provide you with your profits monthly. This comes via cheque or e-transfer, whichever works best for you and your team. Residual fundraising works great for non-profit organizations looking to supplement operational costs, etc.

Partnering with Cupper’s Coffee & Tea is a great way to help fundraise for your organization. We want to generate fundraising profit for you. Healthy community organizations mean a healthy community for all to enjoy!
For more information, reach out to our Fundraising Coordinators. We look forward to hearing from you!&