Best Coffee Brewers for Work

We know that workplaces have to watch the bottom line. Cost plays a big part in workplace coffee decisions. There’s a lot to consider when looking for the best coffee brewers for work for you and your staff.

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There’s real, measurable value to providing staff with amazing coffee. Check out our office productivity tips and hacks. The best coffee machine for a workplace will vary from office to office. We have some suggestions and coffee brewers ranked below.

But first, let’s talk about the dreaded coffee pod, and why they’re not the best option for your work coffee.

Single Cup Coffee Pods

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Big brands name single-serve automatic machines have worked hard to get your attention. Those single serve coffee pods sure are convenient. You know what else they are?

  • Freeze dried, low grade coffee
  • Sprayed with chemical flavourings to hide the taste
  • Hard on the environment
  • Poor quality brewing – not enough heat or pressure to make great coffee

Single serve pod machines would have to go through a major re-design to produce quality coffee. And the actual coffee grounds in the pods would have to be much, much better. You and your fellow employees deserve better coffee brewers at work.

Your workplace COULD have one brewer that everyone uses, like a drip or vending machine. Or instead have superior brewers that are less expensive and make better coffee. The advantages at work far outweigh the disadvantages.

Will everyone in the office want to brew their own coffee? Maybe not. But we have answers for that too.

Work Coffee Considerations

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Here’s a suggestion that you might not expect from us. The truth is, there may not be ONE best coffee maker for your workplace. If you value your staff and want to upgrade your coffee game, there’s a few things to consider. The best coffee maker is one that:

  • Your staff loves the most. And there will be a variety of opinions on what that is.
  • Makes, hands down, the best coffee. Again, staff will have different opinions on what is the best coffee.
  • Shows staff they’re valued and appreciated. What exactly that entails is another personal value judgement.

Coffee culture is all about personal taste and preference. This is a shift in perspective that requires a bit of imagination. Workplace coffee doesn’t look like a single coffee machine that everyone uses.

What Staff Are Looking For

Employees want choice

Employees want to have a choice of how their coffee brews. They may still want a basic drip machine or something similar. There will also be others who prefer a variety of small, single-serve coffee brewers at work. They may want to use these at their desk or staff room counter.

Employees want easy

The options we’re going to cover are easy to use, clean, and maintain. Often, the only extra equipment required is a kettle or hot water dispenser, and a supply of paper filters. The filter type depends on the brewer style.

Employees want personalization

Everyone wants their coffee the way they want it, not their workmates. To each his or her own. Those who choose to brew their own coffee make it to their own desired strength and intensity. And having more options, like syrups, sweeteners and alternate milks, takes that further.

What Employeers Want for >$100

So, the great news is every coffee maker we recommend for great workplace coffee is less than $100. In fact, for some you can buy 2 or 3 of them and pay less than $100 total. This means that you can afford better quality coffee.

Man pouring coffee from a small carafe to a brown mug.

These brewing methods are inexpensive and will meet expectations for staff coffee brewers at work. They are easy to use, easy to clean, convenient to store. And they only take a few minutes to use. Add fresh roasted coffee, and you’ve got an jobsite full of happy coffee drinkers.

Single Serve Brew Bag

Hello new technology! The Brew Bag is a new and super convenient way to make an excellent cup of coffee. Coffee is fresh roasted, ground, and packaged with nitrogen gas to preserve freshness. Use it like a tea bag and steep your coffee right at your desk as long as you like. Longer steep time will get more intense flavour. The bag and its contents are all biodegradable. Learn more about this innovative new product in The Ultimate Guide To Coffee Brew Bags.

Minimum time required: 4 minutes

Travel Mug Brewers

Travel mug brewers are like a basic travel mug, but have a French press mechanism built in. They make excellent coffee providing you’re using the right grind. Like all the brewing methods in this list, it’s easy, convenient, and you can use them right at your desk. All you need is great coffee and hot water.

The  big advantage of a travel mug brewer is a leak-proof lid. If you’ve ever knocked over your coffee mug into your keyboard, you’ll understand. There are a lot of brands out there, but we like the Planetary Press Double Shot and the Bodum Travel Press.

Minimum time required: 4 minutes

French Press

A basic French press is a great addition to your coffee brewers at work. They come in all shapes and sizes. There are single cup presses that you can use at your desk. There are also larger presses that can make coffee for 3 or more people. A French press is super-easy to use. Add coffee to the carafe, pour near-boiling water over, let steep for 4 minutes, press and pour.

The most common question we get is “How much coffee in a French press?” If you use one scoop (a rounded tablespoon) per 12 oz. of water, you’ll get a great cup of coffee. Lengthen the steep time for more intense, full-bodied coffee.

Minimum time required: 4 minutes

Aeropress Coffee Brewer

The Aeropress is a cool little brewer that uses pressure to extract more flavour from the coffee. There are several sizes and styles to choose from. You can make an American style cup of regular coffee or a more intense, espresso-like brew. The only thing needed is the paper filters, and the Aeropress comes with a package of 100 to get you started. Aficionados have come up with all kinds of ways to use this innovative brewer. This also makes a great iced coffee for the hot summer months.

Minimum time required: 2 minutes

Pourover Coffee Brewers

Pourover coffee takes a little bit more time and attention than the other brewing methods. But as any Chemex fan will tell you, it’s worth it. You pour hot water over coffee that’s in a paper or metal cone-shaped filter. Pour slowly for a bit more extraction time. The only extra equipment required is a filter. Some pourovers have a built-in filter. But the biggest concern that people have is the coffee to water ratio. Use 1 tablespoon per 4 oz. of water for the best extraction.

Minimum time required: 4-5 minutes

High End Coffee Brewers At Work

Upgrading your office coffee machine to an automatic, high end brewer is like leveling up in a video game. It’s exciting! You feel like it’s a reward you’ve earned, and it feels good. There’s no question that great coffee at work will improve your workday.

If you want to impress your staff you might consider an espresso coffee machine. Your staff will be able to make lattes and cappuccinos in under 3 minutes. It’s an delicious and amazing on-the-job perk.

Jura builds amazing super-automatic espresso machines. They have a wide line of products to suit your office needs. They have economy level brewers that make around 3 different types of drinks. Their higher end machines that make more than 30 different types of coffee and tea drinks.

Super-automatic means the machine does every step of the coffee brewing process. It also means the Jura cleans itself after every beverage. As any ‘office mom’ or ‘office dad’ will tell you, this is a huge bonus for any workplace.

Here’s an important tip about high end espresso machines that you may not have considered. Purchasing a Jura is comparable to the cost of renting a commercial brewer over the course of a year. The best thing about buying your own coffee maker for work is you can use whatever coffee you want in it. If you are looking for great coffee for your Jura, we know a place. 🙂 

What About Office Coffee Companies?

Some key concerns that consumers have when sourcing office coffee are:

  • Cost
  • Freshness
  • Health Considerations
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Choosing the right office coffee solution will address all these concerns. The best commercial coffee companies have already solved these problems for you. It pays to take some time and do a little research. Taking care in choosing your office coffee provider is a smart move. The best specialty coffee roasters use the best, ethical sourced coffee beans. Specialty coffee roasters seek out small farms that use green growing practices. We’ve written on this in Great Ethically Sourced Coffee, Great Coffee Practices.

There’s also an economic domino effect at play here:

  1. What’s good for the coffee workers is good for the growers.
  2. What’s good for the growers is good for the roasters. And,
  3. What’s good for the roasters is good for the consumers.

Benefits exist at every part of the coffee chain.


Take into account the real benefits of providing your staff with great coffee. The price per cup will surprise you. Specialty coffee may actually cost less than supermarket or commercial coffee. And the long-term benefits far outweigh the extra cost.


Freshness is key to flavour. Impacts on freshness can happen at several points in the coffee supply chain.

  • Coffee packaged and delivered within days of roasting ensures optimal flavour and freshness.
  • If ordered as ground coffee, the packaging and delivery time is even more important. The flavour of ground coffee will degrade faster than whole beans.
  • Storage also effects freshness. If possible, your provider should be able to provide smaller shipments more often. Also, your provider have special zip lock, and vented bags to store the coffee in.

Health Considerations

There are a lot of claims about mycotoxins (mold) in coffee. Like many food and health claims, there’s a lot of contradictory information. Our advice is: do your own thoughtful research, and be careful not to believe the first thing you read. Accurate scientific information is available and the results are reassuring.

Quality coffee importers and roasters ensure their green beans are dry stored. This is a question you can ask your coffee roaster.

creating the best office coffee culture near me

Coffee culture is alive and well in the workplace. With it comes elevated expectations for coffee quality and flavour. Whatever solution you decide on, make sure it works for you and all your staff. The benefits outweigh the costs, both in short term and long term.

Our office coffee solution is you meet those expectations head-on. Disrupt the old-school office coffee paradigm!

For still more information, check out 13 Different Types Of Brewers Explained.

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