Shark Week 2022 at Cupper’s Coffee in Lethbridge

It’s time again for Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week! For one July week every year since 1988, this event has been a solid seven days of non-stop shark related videos. SO INTENSE. We get pretty pumped up, so all week long we focus on our amazing Shark Bite Espresso

So what does a coffee store have in common with Shark Week? Would you believe that we are not like other coffee stores? (Wink, wink!) Cupper’s has a long history of being one of the most unconventional and fun businesses in the universe. Check out this video, unearthed from Cupper’s ancient archives of 2017. It’s just in case you needed proof that we’ve always been strange!

We're Serving Shark Bite Espresso

Okay, hang on for this… this is something we have NEVER done before at Cupper’s! All week we are replacing our Rocket Brand Espresso in store with our Shark Bite Espresso. If you have always wanted to try this amazing fruity coffee but never have, here’s your chance!

Want your latte to circle you? How about seeing a toothy grin in your Caramel Macchiato? Or want an Iced Americano that bites you back? We can do it all for you. Get ready to have your fins knocked off! Try any of the espresso drinks on our drink menu made with Shark Bite Espresso.

Don’t be afraid of the name, though. Shark Bite Espresso is good as drip, French press or espresso coffee. You name it, this espresso can do it. Don’t miss out on trying this one with your favourite brewer.

As an espresso, Shark Bite balances nuttiness and fruit in its aroma. It has a clean, crisp, and bright blend of saskatoon berry. It is the “lightest” espresso that we offer, as it is a 100% medium-roast blend. Ba dun, ba dun. Dun dun dun! It’s so good… you’re gonna need a bigger cup.

Kids’ Colouring Contest

We will be having our first ever Cupper’s Kids Colouring Contest! Kiddos, have your parents print off this Baby Shark Colouring Contest page. Bring it back to Cupper’s for your chance to win a Cupper’s Party Favour Basket full of treats. 

Parents, if you want to come check out these local budding artists, we will display entries in our store!

Gifts For Shark Lovers

Show off your Shark love with our collection of shark merchandise. No Shark Week would be complete without a trip to your favourite local coffee shop. While there, pick out some decorative Sharkware. (Who knew, eh?)

Shark Creature Cup

Shark Bite Espresso has never tasted better than in this unique shark coffee mug. Sip in style with this terrifying creature cup. Or, you can use this mug to prank a house guest. When the cup is full of coffee, the lurking hunter will remain undetected.

Shark Vinyl Sticker (sorry, we're currently out!)

vinyl sticker of a blue shark with word sharkbite

Slap a Shark Bite Sticker on any of your favourite, non-shark items. These high quality vinyl stickers are waterproof. They will do well on your favourite water bottle, car, skateboard, or laptop. Let everyone know your favourite ocean predator with this cute sticker.

The Origin of Shark Bite Espresso

​Did you know? The name of our Shark Bite Espresso used to be ‘Dirt Bag Espresso’? 

Josh, our master roaster, has an interesting backstory about the origin of this coffee.

Shark Bite Espresso Medium Coffee new bag

“As an avid outdoorsy fly-fisher, I used to live as cheaply as I could. So I could afford to do exactly what I wanted to do. It’s how I wanted to live my life. The term “dirt bag” is often used in groups like the climbing, mountain biking, and surfing communities. It refers to those who just want to live that lifestyle and pursue their passion. I created this blend specifically for enjoying in a Bialetti (as it’s suitable for that type of stuff), and to reflect that time in my life.”

We changed the name because not too many knew the history and meaning behind the term “dirt bag”. Sometimes this has negative connotations. Plus, sharks eat dirt bags for lunch. There. The more you know!
Sharks, espresso, dirt bags, and more

We’ve got it all. So come on in to the store and on your next visit pick up a bag of Shark Bite Espresso. Celebrate Shark Week in all it’s glory. Because… we’re Jaws here for the coffee.   🙂

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