The Next Big Thing in Office Coffee

Is your office coffee supplier doing it’s best for your company? Are there more, simple steps that would make work life better for everyone? We have suggestions below!

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Cupper’s roasters and baristas are born disruptors.
First we tackled the “serious” caricature of the solemn, expert coffee maestro. Our mission is to be masters at our craft, provide the best gourmet coffee you’ll ever drink, AND have fun doing it. Second, we never stopped adding art to the science of coffee roasting. We pull every roast by hand. We don’t depend on computers screens to tell us when our roasts are perfect. And third, we’ve completely redefined light roast coffee. Our light roasts have incredible flavour and aroma. They are not green or grassy or baggy.
Now? We’re taking on office coffee.
Office coffee machines have been slow to change. Office coffee brewers are stuck in the 90’s. Large companies have dominated the coffee industry for too long. (We’ll get to those later.)
For now, let’s agree that most old school office coffee brewers brew bad tasting coffee. They produce one-size-fits-all coffee drinks. Their coffee options erase all the rich personality that a true, great cup of coffee offers. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to take your office coffee to the next level. It’s time for something better!

Coffee Machines For The Office Are On Their Way Out!

coffee machines for the office
Coffee suppliers may not have noticed, but employees have raised their coffee expectations. In the last few years, everyone has upped their coffee-drinking game. Coffee culture is real thing!
At home, thoughtful coffee drinkers are brewing fresh roasted coffee the way they like it. These dedicated coffee drinkers have educated themselves on coffee brewing methods. They have easy access to all the information they need (internet, anyone?)
At work? It’s a different story. At work, people often put up with coffee that brews bad and turns stale. The resulting drink is tastes nasty in the cup, thin-bodied and acidic. It takes a lot of sugar, creamer, and added flavouring to make it palatable. So, what gives? 
The answer is simple. 
Office coffee companies have not kept up with the coffee-drinking market. The lag shows up in the equipment and products they offer.
Good news though! Managers and owners are waking up and re-thinking their office coffee solutions. Commercial coffee machines are not the only option. 
(As an aside, are you familiar with the research on office coffee? Offering gourmet coffee and one-cup brewing solutions can skyrocket productivity in the workplace! There are real benefits.)

Commercial Office Coffee Machines vs. Single Cup Solutions

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Commercial office coffee suppliers build their machines for speed and volume. They’re designed to pump out the most coffee in the least amount of time. The office efficiency manager will love it, which should send up red flags right there.

Speed and volume are two things that coffee culture mavens have scorn for. Thoughtful coffee drinkers are not looking for fast-food coffee that was brewed 3 hours ago. They want fresh, flavourful, smooth, satisfying, and personalized coffee. This is what they get at home or at their favourite roastery.

Renting Old School Coffee Machines

coffee machine for office rental

There are pros and cons of commercial coffee makers.

The pros, as mentioned above, are a basic ability to provide a lot of coffee in a hurry. This efficiency is a basic selling point, sold to office managers as convenience.

Another positive is the number of kinds of machines. The types of commercial coffee makers range from old-fashioned drip coffee brewers to one-button drink makers with everything hidden behind the panels.

Office coffee companies may provide the machine for rent or for ‘free’ with a service contract. But the contract forces you to use only their coffee as long as you’re using their machine.

To balance the cost of the service contract, the quality of their coffee is questionable. They purchase low grade coffee in large volumes, add flavours to disguise the poor quality of the beans. You’re left drinking unsatisfying coffee that gives you a stomach ache, or heartburn.

Office coffee companies promise to clean, maintain, and fix your (their) equipment. 

In our experience, commercial machines require regular attention. and small accounts can wait weeks to get their equipment cleaned or repaired. In the meantime, your staff is scrambling for coffee.

Office Coffee Solutions

Get the Best for Your Staff!

Cupper’s aims to disrupt the traditional perception of coffee experts.

We want to bring a new level of art and fun to the science of coffee roasting. We reject the conventional office coffee machines that produce bad quality coffee. Office coffee companies have failed to keep up with the evolving coffee-drinking market. Their machines prioritize speed and volume over quality. Thoughtful coffee drinkers seek fresh, personalized, and high-quality coffee. 

Whatever your coffee needs are, Cupper’s Coffee & Tea has the Office Coffee Solutions for you and your team.

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