Bridges of Hope - Uganda

Bridges of Hope is a unique non-profit that supports many different projects. Their uniqueness comes because they don’t believe in being the ‘hero’, rescuing the poor and saving the poverty stricken. Instead, they support people and communities in building what they need, and in becoming able to get away from a charity-driven model to a self-supporting community.

The Bridges of Hope – Uganda properly is the Amuka Twende Uganda. Funds go towards building a medical clinic and supporting resources in the town of Busia in eastern Uganda. The clinic will help meet the medical needs of the villagers in Busia and surrounding areas. Services will include basic medicine, blood tests, and maternity services with services expanding as the clinic develops. The 4,000 sq. ft. medical facility will address diseases like malaria, cholera, HIV, and dysentery that affect children and adults alike. It will also offer pre-natal and post-natal care.

Your purchase of their Bridges of Hope – Uganda coffee will contribute to the clinic. $5 from every bag goes to them, and you get a great cup of local, freshly roasted coffee. Feels good, tastes good, does good!

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