Christmas Blend


If you’ve never tried our famous Christmas Blend, you’re in for SUCH a treat.

Christmas Blend is only available from the day after Remembrance Day to early-January. We have customers who get a little angry with us that they can’t get it all year round (insert evil laugh here!) Although the blend is technically a medium roast, it’s a robust, full-bodied coffee that brings home a ton of flavour. In the aroma, you’ll pick up nougat, nuts and vanilla; the body is silky, mellow, round; and the flavours are amazing – hints of brown butter, cookie crust and shortbread, with a bit of citrus lift that brings a subtle brightness. Delicious and rich on it’s own, or great with added Christmas Cheer, should you be so inclined (and we hope you are.)

Bag Size

1 lb, 5 lb


Whole Bean, Drip, Press/Perc, Bialetti, Espresso, Keurig, Turkish, Aeropress