Grosche Bremen Electric Burr Coffee Grinder


The Grosche Bremen Electric Burr Coffee Grinder is an excellent, compact, electric grinder for every day use. It’s one of the smallest burr grinders we’ve ever seen, and infinitely better than a blade grinder. If kitchen space is a concern, this is the grinder for you. It features flat ceramic burrs to give consistent sized grounds. There’s 20 different settings for any kind of brewing, from a coarse French press to a super-fine espresso grind.

When you purchase any Grosche product, part of your purchase goes to support the Grosche Safe Water Project. The Project provides 50+ days of safe drinking water to people in need for every product sold. Grosche is a Social Enterprise and a certified B Corp, on a mission to be the change in the world.

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Grosche Bremen Electric Grinder

Weight.600 kg
Dimensions17 × 11 × 22.5 cm