Loofah Art Christmas Tree


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Your new Loofah Art Christmas Tree is the seasonal cleaning tool you didn’t know you needed! Loofah-Art products are completely eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable cleaning scrubbers. Loofahs are actually a by-product of a matured gourd, the insides of which are dried. The colouring is a natural vegetable dye. They only need to be rinsed before their first use. These amazing little scrubbers are gentle enough for fruits and veggies, but strong enough for stubborn pots and pans. They are safe for all surfaces, including wood, glass, porcelain, and fine china. Metals are fine too, including stainless steel, copper, seasoned cast iron. Or try them in your kitchen, on your counter & stove tops, appliances, microwave ovens, cooled grills, and all delicate non-stick surfaces. To clean your loofah, just rinse, squeeze and hang to air-dry. You’ll never go back to synthetic materials again!

Weight .02 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 12 × 3 cm


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