Luco Farms Prairie Flower Mustard


Luco Farms Prairie Flower Mustard

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Luco Farms Prairie Flower Mustard is the mildest of their mustards. It makes a great substitute for mayonnaise in many recipes. Try it in potato salad instead of mustard and mayo. It’s also wonderful in egg salad sandwiches, or a tuna salad. And if you slather it on the outside of a grilled cheese sandwich right before grilling it… simply fantastic!

Luco Farms Prairie Flower Mustard comes in a 250 mL jar and is made with local southern Alberta mustard seeds, vinegar, water, and salt. Their mustards have no artificial colourings, preservatives or anything else that doesn’t contribute to the flavour. Luco Farms mustards are made right outside of Lethbridge from only their locally grown and stoneground mustard seed. They have a full range of mustards, from mild to very hot, to suit any palate. Mix and match!

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