Toddy Cold Brew System


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The Toddy Cold Brew System has been around for a long time and still makes some of the best cold brew going. We like Toddy so much, we use their products to make all our cold brew! With Toddy, you get a smooth, rich, concentrated cold brew for making your favourite iced latte or frappe, or try it straight over ice. There’s no bitterness or ‘old coffee’ taste. Each cup is sweet, pure coffee elixir. Each system includes the top brewing container, lid and handle, the glass decanter and lid, two Toddy felt filters, a silicone stopper, and 3 paper filter bags. Partner the Toddy System with any of our coffees coarsely ground, and you’ll have cold brew good for up to two weeks!

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 18.4 × 18.4 × 31.75 cm


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