Urnex SuperGrindz Tablets


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Urnex SuperGrindz is the cleaning tool you didn’t know you needed for your grinder. Having a dirty grinder is a perfect way to create a real problem. Cleaning your grinder burrs regularly is essential for fantastic espresso… but that’s not always easy to do. SuperGrindz is the ideal solution for your automatic espresso machine, which is nearly impossible to disassemble. If your espresso maker is pulling shots oddly, or doesn’t meet the quality you had when it was new, simply add a capful of SuperGrindz to the empty hopper. Then follow the package’s instructions to clean out the oils and residue left by the coffee beans. SuperGrindz is formulated from all natural products, and is completely food safe and gluten free.

Weight .615 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 20 cm


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