Yerba Mate Loose Herbal Tea


Yerba Mate Loose Herbal Tea

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Yerba Mate Loose Herbal Tea is an uplifting and energizing herb that is indigenous to the Amazon. It’s wildly popular throughout parts of South America for its robust flavor. Often thought of as the “tea” of Latin America, yerba mate is one of just four botanicals in the Americas to contain caffeine. The yerba in this 100 gm bag has a bittersweet, earthy and mineral flavor with nuances of olive leaf and eucalyptus. Traditional roasting and aging of yerba mate creates a pleasant, toasted aroma and ranging complexity. To brew, Rishi recommends 12 oz. water at 80C with 1.5 tablespoons of mate, and steep for 5 mins. This is definitely a infusion you can steep more than once. In fact, it’s recommended to steep yerba mate loose tea several times to enjoy the complexity as the brew changes with each steeping.

Yerba Mate is part of a cultural tradition, drank together with family and friends using mate gourds and bombilla straws. There’s a lot to learn, including how to brew it in What is Yerba Mate. If you want to stay authentic to the tradition, check out How to Cure A Yerba Mate – preparing your own traditional mate for use.

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