Summer Berry Iced Tea: Best Iced Tea Recipe

Is there such a thing as being TOO delicious? Dangerously delicious? Ridiculously delicious? If so, Cupper’s Summer Berry Iced Tea is all those.
Organic and fair trade, our Summer Berry Tea is a guilt-free way to enjoy summer flavour. It’s full of dried berries and good-for-you herbal teas. This means it’s caffeine-free. With no caffeine, you know it’s great for kids. In fact children love it, and it’s a great way to reduce juice and soda intake during hot summer months.
Pitcher and glass of Summer berry iced tea and ice
Important Tip! Like all of Rishi’s teas, Cupper’s Summer Berry Iced Tea can be steeped over again. The ingredients are of such a high quality, they hold their flavour for more than one infusion. Don’t just use it once… if you do, you’re throwing money away. This recipe makes the perfect amount to share with a friend… if you want to!
In this recipe we used Cupper’s Summer Berry Loose Tea, but honestly? You can use any tea you like. We have a great iced tea recommendation for each line of tea we carry. For Wize Leaf Teas, try the Wize Leaf Strawberry Hibiscus for a tart, bright-red brew. Numi’s White Rose is a lovely, light, floral tea that’s great iced. Rishi’s Quince Eucalyptus is normally thought of only as a hot tea, but the warm citrus notes are surprisingly good as an iced blend. And from our newest tea line, M21 Luxury Tea, try one of their many fruity teas. May we suggest M21 Blueberry Tea, or M21 Apple Spice Tea!

Prep Time: 1 min

Cook Time: 6 min

Total Time: 7 min

Skill Level: Easy

Servings: 4 (makes 2 L)


  • Large Pitcher
  • Steeper or loose leaf tea bag



  1. Place loose leaf tea into a large tea bag and place in pitcher (You can also use a Grosche Tea Steeper like we did here). Cover with hot water and let steep for 4-5 minutes.
Grosche tea steeper full of summer berry tea and water

2. Fill a large pitcher with ice cubes.

Pitcher of ice and a Grosche tea steeper full of Summer Berry Tea

3. Strain tea leaves from the hot tea. Pour hot tea over the ice in the pitcher, allowing the ice to melt.

4. If desired, add sugar to taste. We generally don’t – but you make this how you like it to taste!

5. This is the easiest step of all… Relax and enjoy.

Mason jar of ice and summer berry tea

Cupper’s Summer Berry Iced Tea is refreshing and tart, perfect for kids as it contains no sugar or caffeine. Try adding it to sparkling water for an extra special treat on a hot day. You can also freeze it to make ice cubes or deliciously tart popsicles. 

We used our Grosche Aberdeen Steeper and our For Life Flask Glass Iced Tea Jug for quick and easy iced tea steeping.

Learn more about brewing tea in our Beginner’s Guide To Luxury Tea.

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