What Is An Aeropress Coffee Brewer?

The ultimate coffee equation is Engineering + Cupper’s fresh roasted coffee = an AeroPress Coffee Brewer!

Aeropress Coffee Brewer and cup of coffee
Not to get too technical but according to chemistry, coffee IS a solution. 🙂
Alan Adler, an engineer, created the AeroPress in 2004. He wanted to make good coffee easy and with less acidity than regularly brewed coffee. (Fun Fact: Mr. Adler also invented the Aerobie, a flying ring similar to a frisbee!) Since inventing it, the AeroPress has gained huge in popularity. This is due in part to its versatility. The AeroPress brewing method is fast and forgiving – you can’t go wrong. It’s so easy to brew an amazing cup of coffee.
The AeroPress Coffee Brewers also give you options. It’s up to you how strong you brew your coffee. You can make your coffee the same strength as a typical drip brew. You can also make it as intense and flavourful as an espresso. When you use Cupper’s fresh roasted coffee, it “blooms” as you pour the hot water into the AeroPress.

AeroPress Coffee Brewers are small and very light, which makes them great for traveling and camping. You can also enjoy a cup of AeroPress coffee at home or in the office. We use the AeroPress in many of our DIY Recipes as it makes a great espresso-style coffee. Try our At Home Latte Recipe or add espresso to our Easy DIY Chai Tea Latte Recipe. Post pictures of your drinks on social media and hashtag it with #CuppersAtHome!

How Does an AeroPress Work?

An AeroPress is a very easy brewer to use. It works by steeping your coffee in the small brewing chamber. First, remove the plastic filter cap at the end of the chamber and add a small paper filter. Wet the paper filter, and then reattach the filter cap to the chamber. Next, rest your AeroPress on top of an empty cup and add your ground coffee. Pour the hot water into the chamber, and let it bloom. Using the stirrer that comes with your AeroPress, stir the coffee to get full flavour. (Don’t worry about stirring up the filter. The design of the stirrer ensures it’s exactly long enough to not reach it.) Once your coffee has steeped, press down on a plunger. This forces the water through the grounds and into your cup.

Are There Different Sizes or Kinds of AeroPress?

Short answer -> Yes! New this year AeroPress has launched two brand new brewers.

AeroPress XL

The first is the AeroPress XL. Have you ever had a need for more than one cup of coffee? If so, the AeroPress XL is for you! They made this brewer from the same shatterproof plastic as the original. They even included a Tritan Plastic carafe to serve your coffee in.

AeroPress Clear

The second new brewer is the AeroPress Clear. With this brewer you can watch your coffee brew. The AeroPress Clear has the most visual appeal of all the AeroPresses. Made from durable Tritan plastic, this brewer will stand up to falls and staining. Don’t believe us? Take a peak at coffee maven James Hoffman’s full AeroPress review. (It’s fun to watch!)

Are There Different Ways to Use an AreoPress?

There are many ways to use your AeroPress Coffee Brewer. We’ll go over the 3 main brew methods: Standard, Inverted, and Cold Brew. We encourage you to experiment with your AeroPress and find the way that works best for you. That’s a big part of the fun of a new brewer!
Note: The coffee and water proportions that we use in these recipes are a starting point. It’s important to use whatever amount of coffee and water that makes the coffee taste best to you. We’re not going to come into your house and tell you how to make your coffee!

The Standard AeroPress Method

The AeroPress comes with filters, a measuring scoop, a funnel, and a stirrer. First, put a filter in the bottom of the filter cap, and screw it back onto the chamber. Measure out a rounded scoop of fine ground coffee and place it into the brewing chamber. Use the funnel if you want to make sure not to spill any coffee grounds. Add hot water and watch the coffee bloom. After it settles, give your coffee a stir and let it steep for another 30 seconds or so. Then press the plunger down on your AeroPress, releasing the coffee into your cup.
From here you can drink it straight-up like a small espresso-style coffee. You can also add water to make it closer to a drip coffee or americano. Pair the AeroPress with a milk frother to make expert-level caramel macchiatos.
To learn more about our milk frother options check out our Top 5 Milk Frothers of 2024.

The Inverted AeroPress Method

A benefit of brewing with the inverted method is you have control over the steeping time. The process is like the standard method, but you assemble the AeroPress upside down.
Start by placing your plunger on the counter with the gasket facing up. Then set the brewing chamber on the plunger and press down to install it within the chamber. Add your coffee and hot water into the inverted chamber. Let the coffee steep while you stir the grounds in the water for about 30 seconds. While it steeps, attach the filter to the filter plate of the AeroPress.
The next part is a bit tricky. You’ll have to flip the AeroPress over and immediately press it into your cup. The easiest, least messy way is by placing your mug upside down on the AeroPress. Then flip it all as one unit, and finish by pressing the coffee into your mug.
Now you can enjoy your espresso style coffee, or try adding hot water or milk for some of your café favorites. You can even add your coffee to our Easy DIY Chai Latte Recipe.

The Cold Brew AreoPress Method

Cold brew is a delicious way to enjoy coffee on a hot day. Most cold brew methods take 12 hours or more to brew coffee. But what if you have a craving for cold brew and want it right now? Use your AeroPress!
For the cold brew, set the AeroPress up like you would for the inverted method. Follow the same steps, but use ice-cold water instead of hot. This way the coffee never interacts with hot water and you get a smooth, low acidity coffee.
Stir your cold brew coffee for 1-2 minutes. Attach the filter and press your AeroPress cold brew into a cup. Add water for a straight cold brew beverage. You can even add cold milk for a delicious and easy iced latte.
To learn more about cold brew coffee, check out our article on What Is Cold Brew?

What Accessories are there for my AeroPress?

Besides replacement filters, one of our favourite accessories is the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap. It completely replaces your filter cap and filters. Because it takes more pressure to push the plunger in, makes a coffee even closer to an espresso. Check it out!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the AeroPress box?
Included in your AeroPress box are:
    • 1 Brewing chamber
    • 1 Plunger
    • 1 Rubber gasket
    • 1 AeroPress coffee scoop
    • 1 AeroPress stirrer
    • 100 paper filters (to get you started)
Why is the AeroPress so good?

It’s good because it’s simple to use and it makes a great and consistent cup of coffee. It also has more versatility than most other brewers on the market.

Is AeroPress brewed coffee less acidic?

Yes. AeroPress coffee has 1/5 the acidity of a drip coffee, and 1/9 of the acidity of coffee made in a French press.

What's the difference between an AeroPress and an AeroPress Go?

The main difference between the original AeroPress and the AeroPress Go is the size. The AeroPress Go is shorter, and all parts fit neatly into the included cup and cap. This makes it perfect for on-the-go coffee drinkers.

How should I grind my coffee for an AeroPress?

We recommend a grind that is a little finer than table salt. (For more information check out our Definitive Guide To Coffee Grinders.)

How much coffee should I use in my AeroPress?

The AeroPress comes with a measuring scoop. A good start is to use one rounded scoop of ground coffee (about 3 tbsp.)

To read more about coffee to water ratios, check out Brewing The Perfect Cup Of Coffee.

How long do I steep my AeroPress coffee?

Steep your AeroPress coffee for around 30 seconds. Feel free to play around with your extraction time. You might find a steeping time that gives you flavours you like better. The coffee timed out that tastes best to you is the right length of time!

When do I need to replace my AeroPress?

If any part of your AeroPress cracks, you should replace it. But the AeroPress is very durable and it’s not common for one to wear out or break.

When do I need to replace my Aeropress seal?

With proper care your Aeropress seal will last two years or more. You can buy replacement Aeropress seals online from Cupper’s Coffee & Tea.

What coffee should I use in my Aeropress?

For best results with your Aeropress use the coffee that you like the best. Get it ground for a drip brewer. If you are looking for recommendations we know a place. 😉

Are AeroPress filters compostable?

You bet they are! Cleanup has never been easier than pressing a plunger into your compost. Grounds and filters both are compostable..

Are AeroPress filters re-usable?

The paper filters that come with your AeroPress are not reusable. Having said that, we have reusable AeroPress compatible metal filters for the regular sized AeroPresses and AeroPress Go. 

Does an AeroPress make espresso?

An AeroPress can’t make a true espresso. They do make a very concentrated serving of coffee that is “espresso-style”. It works well for easy at-home lattes and cappuccinos.

Does an AeroPress make crema?

Yes and no. The AeroPress makes a crema-like foam that sits atop the coffee. Yet it does not produce enough pressure to make a true espresso crema. For a low-cost home espresso maker that has a rich crema, try the Bellman Stove-Top Espresso Maker.

Can I make cold brew in an AeroPress?

You can make cold brew in the AeroPress. Use the inverted brewing method and cold water. The most important thing to remember is to stir your cold brew for 1 full minute. Then press your plunger in for delicious cold brew. For cold brew, we recommend the larger AeroPress XL so you have some to share!

Can you use an AeroPress for tea

You can use an AeroPress to brew tea. Using the inverted method, replace your ground coffee with loose tea leaves. Remember that using both coffee and tea in the same AeroPress will cross-flavour. But we don’t judge if you have more than one… we do too!

Can an AeroPress go in the dishwasher?

An AeroPress is completely dishwasher safe. We do recommend hand washing the rubber gasket to extend its lifespan. If your gasket gets too worn and doesn’t seal, we have replacement gaskets for the regular sized AeroPresses.

Where can I buy an AeroPress?
You can buy an AeroPress in our store, or online at Cupper’s Coffee & Tea.
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