‘Fuelled’ at the 2022 Dragon Boat Festival!

Cupper's is sponsoring a Dragon Boat Team!

Cupper’s has always been a community-minded place… it’s something we pride ourselves on. Usually we’re pretty quiet about it, but this time we’re going to be cheering pretty loud. Meet our ladies dragon boat team participating in the 2022 ATB Financial Lethbridge Rotary Dragon Boat Festival – Fuelled by Bad Coffee!

First, check out the Jun 7, 2022 Global TV article on the return of dragon boating on Henderson Lake this year.

What is a dragon boat festival?

The ATB Financial Lethbridge Rotary Dragon Boat Festival is one of the biggest dragon boat festivals in Alberta… and definitely the most fun! Racing is the main focus of the event, with teams from all over western Canada and US participating.

Dragon head in front of a dragon boat
This year’s Dragon Boat Festival runs from Friday to Sunday, June 24 to 26th. Opening events start on Friday evening with a lion dance and blessing of the boats. There’s also special races and competitions held that evening, including the dragon boat tug-of-war. And make sure to make the Rose Ceremony early Saturday afternoon… that’s a heart-tugger!
There’s a lot more to the Festival than just races though. Check out the market place of vendors, the many food trucks, and a beer garden. There’s also a full stage with entertainment all day on Saturday and Sunday, and a children’s area. Check out the race and entertainment schedules!

What is a dragon boat?

Two dragon boats racing on a lake

A dragon boat is a long, narrow boat that has benches for 20 paddlers who paddle in sync together. There is a drummer/coach on a raised seat at the front (bow) of the boat who helps set the pace and coach the paddlers. At the back of the boat (stern) is a steers, who uses a long steering oar to control the boat. During practices, the boats are headless and tailless. During actual festivals or displays, dragon boats have a head, tail, and number attached.

Who is 'Fuelled by Bad Coffee'?

“Fuelled by Bad Coffee” is a brand new Cupper’s sponsored Ladies Dragon Boat Team. Several of the team are experienced paddlers, while some only have a bit of experience. there are also several who are in a dragon boat for the very first time! They’re all members of the Dragonboat Association of Southern Alberta (DASA).
BAD Coffee punch face guy with paddles behind him and Fuelled by Bad Coffee

Fuelled’s coach, Romina Senneker, is an experienced national level paddler and has the team training hard on Henderson Lake.  Fuelled’s drummer is Leanne Dumontier, and Cupper’s own Nancy Graham is the Steers. Both Romina and Leanne are featured in the Global TV article about the return of the Festival this year. Watch for the Fuelled by Bad Coffee team in their snazzy purple jerseys, and be sure to cheer them on at the 2022 ATB Financial Lethbridge Rotary Dragon Boat Festival!

double rainbow over dragon boats at Henderson Lake