Showdown: Chemex vs. Hario V60 Pour-overs!

Finally, the classic Chemex goes up against the famous Hario V60 dripper. Which brewer is better?

Welcome to the wonderful and endless world of pour-over coffee. Pour-over coffee is super easy and fun to make at home, and it’s a great alternative to your trusty old drip machine.
A pour-over is a method of coffee brewing in which hot water pours over grinds and into your cup. It’s often used as a way to make single servings of coffee at home. It’s also common to find pour-overs in cafes and restaurants. Pour-over coffee refers to any type of coffee brewed using this method.
The pour-over method has been around for centuries. Its popularity exploded in recent years thanks to the rise of specialty roasters. Many cafes encourage customers to explore the world of specialty brews using pour-overs.
In this article we will cover the differences between a Hario V60 dripper and a Chemex pour-over. Your task is to decide which is best for you!

What is a Chemex Pour-Over?

The Chemex coffee maker is a pour-over style coffee maker. Dr. Peter Schlimbohm invented first Chemex in 1941. A 8 cup Chemex pour-over is the only coffee brewer on permanent display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Renown designer Ralph Caplan said the Chemex was “a synthesis of logic and madness”.

Copy of the original Chemex Pour-Over Patent page
Many coffee enthusiasts love Chemex coffee makers. Chemex brewers come in a variety of sizes, and can brew either single cups of coffee or larger batches. They have a simple design and ability to produce a clean, well-balanced cup of coffee.
All Chemex pour-overs are an hourglass-shaped glass flask with a conical funnel-like neck. Chemex brewers use a cone filter which holds the ground coffee. To use the Chemex, pour hot water over ground coffee. The coffee then drips through the filter into the chamber.
Chemex pour-over brewers with wooden collars in different sizes
If you’re looking for an alternative to your drip coffee maker, a Chemex could be the perfect option for you. These compact pour-overs can brew as little as one perfect cup at a time and are quick and easy to use. You’ll always have fresh, delicious coffee whenever you want it. The biggest benefit is the filter holder and coffee chamber are one piece. This makes them easier to use than traditional drip coffee makers. Add your grounds and hot water and let the Chemex work its coffee magic.

What is a Hario V60 Dripper?

The Hario Company started in 1921 in Toyko, Japan. In the beginning, they only made laboratory glassware. In the 1940s they expanded their business to include coffee brewing equipment. Alongside their coffee equipment, they also make heatproof glass and plastic products. Interesting, this now includes vehicle headlight glass and microwave cookware. Hario is a well-known and trusted brand among coffee connoisseurs.

The Hario V60 dripper is simple and effective and is one of the most popular methods for making pour-over coffee. It’s often used for home brewing and in commercial settings. A V60 dripper uses a cone-shaped basket and filter that sits on top of your cup or mug. The name “V60” refers to the angle of the pour-over basket. Its simple design fits over most cups, but you can also get a convenient pour-over stand if desired.
The Hario V60’s cone top has small angled ridges inside of it that have a slight spiral to them. These ridges help the hot water poured into the cone flow towards the centre. This extends the length of time the water is in contact with the coffee grounds. The longer the coffee is in contact with the water, the more flavor comes from your beans. When you’re done brewing, lift off the filter, toss it in the trash, and enjoy!

Preparing coffee in a Chemex Pour Over





How to Brew Coffee in Your Chemex

1. Get your grind on (drip grind).
2. Use Chemex filters – they’ve been washed four times, which means you get all the coffee flavour and none of the paper flavour.
3. Use 1 rounded tbsp for every 5 oz cup. Go stronger if you like! Chemex brews clean and strong, never bitter.
4. Bring your water to boil, then let stand for 30 seconds.
5. Pour a small amount of water over coffee and watch it “bloom.”
6. After the bloom, slowly pour more water into grinds until the water level is about 1/2″ away from the top edge of the glass.
7. Slowly pour the rest of the water – this is where the spiral pattern comes in – over the grounds.
8. Remove the filter and grinds. Makes excellent compost.
9. Take time to enjoy the aroma and flavours of your coffee. Chemex Coffee is one of life’s small (but wonderful) indulgences.