Why "Buy Coffee Canada"? How to Order Premium Coffee Beans Online.

Buy Coffee Canada

Our Ultimate Guide To Ordering Premium, Fresh Coffee Beans Online

Why “Buy Coffee Canada“?

It’s simple. 

Consumers across Canada want to support businesses here at home and our mission is to educate them on how to best do that.

Buying Canadian coffee doesn’t mean we’re growing the beans here in Canada, but it does mean that Canadian coffee roasters, like Cupper’s Coffee & Tea, are importing high quality, fair trade coffee beans, from all over the world.

Once we acquire those high quality coffee beans we then meticulously roast them to perfection and ship them across the country within days of being roasted.

Here at Cupper’s Coffee & Tea, we’re committed to bringing our customers the highest quality, freshly roasted coffees we have to offer.

With over 26 years of experience roasting artisan coffees, we believe in the importance of providing our customers with not only the best roasted coffee beans Canada has to offer, but also with the knowledge and resources to make smart decisions when it comes to buying coffee.

When it comes to ordering premium Canadian coffee beans online, there are several important considerations to keep in mind, such as the benefits of ordering from independent roasteries and the differences between specific roasts. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the difference between independent and big brand roasters, and why you are opting for independent roasteries is the better option.

Plus, we will cover the importance of freshness when it comes to roasted coffee beans. Keep reading to learn more about our products and programs here at Cupper’s as well. 

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Independent Coffee Roasters vs. Big Brand Coffee Roasters

Independent Coffee Roasters

When ordering coffee beans online, the first important decision for you, as the consumer, to make is whether to buy from big brand coffee roasters or from an independent coffee roastery.

Big brands tend to have an advantage in terms of drawing in larger quantities of online traffic to their store, as they have greater name recognition in general.

However, there are many reasons why buying from independent coffee roasteries is more advantageous compared to buying from big-name brands, such as Tim Horton’s or Starbucks.

One of the primary differentiating factors about beans roasted by independent roasteries is that these beans are likely to have a higher quality of freshness. 

In fact, the roast date of coffee beans is a majorly important factor when choosing a product to purchase.

Coffee beans are generally considered to reach their peak flavors several days after roasting, generally between 4 days – 16 days. (Natural process coffees take longer to peak – see the section on “How  Coffee Loses Its Flavor.”)

The problem with buying from bigger brands is that the roast date is not always clearly evident, which can adversely affect the flavor and aroma of the beans if they have gone outside of the ideal range. 

Visiting your local independent coffee roasteries either in-person or online is the best way to gain access to freshly-roasted coffee.

Additionally, there is likely to be a greater selection of roast types and variety in flavors available to you when purchasing coffee directly from an independent roaster. 

Choose Beans That Are Roasted To Order

As we have covered, the date of roasting is a major factor to keep in mind when buying Canadian roasted coffee beans.

As such, it is best to avoid mass-produced brands that lack apparent roast dates or relevant roasting information. 

The best possible beans to purchase from online sellers are beans that are roasted to order.

This way, the beans that you are receiving will have been recently roasted specifically to fulfill your order, rather than having been mass produced just to lose flavor and quality while waiting on a shelf to be purchased. 

Here at Cupper’s, we understand the importance of freshness when it comes to roasted coffee beans, and all of our beans are roasted by demand.

This means that the beans you receive from your online order on our shop have been shipped within days after roasting, guaranteeing that the beans received will be at their peak flavor, aroma, and quality. 

Additional Considerations from Buying Canadian Coffee Roasters

There is more to selecting a great coffee product than just paying attention to when the beans were roasted.

 Buying coffee Canada from Independent roasters are likely to offer a wide variety of coffees and offer an even wider knowledge base to share with their customers.

This intimacy and sharing of information is one of the biggest perks of choosing independent roasteries over larger brands. 

Roast type, for instance, is a major consideration to keep in mind when choosing coffee beans.

The longer a coffee roasts, the more the natural sugars are caramelized, which influences flavor, body and aroma.

According to the Coffee Association of Canada, there are three main types of roasts:

  • Light: These coffee beans are roasted for a shorter period of time, and thus are lighter in color, more acidic, more fruity and floral – they tend to maintain the flavors of the region they’re grown in.
  • Medium: Medium roasts coffees have a more pronounced brown color and intensity of flavor, and are generally the most commonly purchased roasts. They are less acidic with increased sweetness and deeper aromas. 
  • Dark: The most intense  in flavor and color, dark roasted beans have  oiliness on the surface and a pronounced caramelization with flavours of cola, molasses and bittersweet chocolate. 

Ultimately, all of this information can help you with your bean purchases.

Beans can be sourced from all over the world, and this variance in source can affect their flavor and quality as well.

It is important for this thoughtfulness to be echoed by the company you choose to purchase your coffee beans from. 

Benefits of Ordering From Independent Small-Batch Coffee Roasters in Canada

small batch coffee roaster

We’ve have covered some of the advantages of buying your beans from independent and small-batch coffee roasteries.

And, there are several additional benefits to be had from choosing to shop independent rather than buying big name-brand products.

These additional benefits are what set locally and independently owned coffee roaster businesses apart from commercially produced and distributed beans.

Independent and small businesses coffee roasters:

  1. Are able to pay much greater attention to detail and precision used in the roasting process, typified by small batch roasting.

  2. They tend to have greater involvement in the community.

  3.  And, they reflect strong company values that recognize the importance of connectivity and inclusion within a business and social environment. 

Ethical Sourcing with Buying our Canadian Coffee Roasts

Ethically sourced coffee beans

Knowing where your coffee beans are grown and harvested is just as important as knowing who roasts and packages them for you.

Unfortunately, not every major coffee bean manufacturer prioritizes the farmers who are growing the beans, which can lead to unethical coffee production

At Cupper’s, we recognize the importance in ethical sourcing and work diligently to ensure all of our beans come from the best sources possible all around the world, from Asia and Indonesia, Central and South America, and Africa. 

Having confidence in the source of your coffee beans is essential for contributing to a more wholesome and ethical retail market as a whole.

Cupper’s is committed to ethical sourcing.

One example is Cupper’s continuing relationship with Café Femenino, a sourcing model committed to ending cycles of poverty affecting specifically women farmers within the coffee industry. 

Certified Organic

certified organic coffee beans ethically sourced coffee in a roasting sampler

Another consideration concerning sourcing is whether or not the coffee beans you are receiving are certified organic.

Harsh fertilizers and synthetic chemicals can have majorly detrimental effects on the quality of coffee beans – this makes the organic growing method ideal for coffee production, as reliance on synthetic chemicals or other substances is severely limited.

There are, of course, additional health benefits that come from drinking organically grown and certified coffee.

Plus, organic farming methods are less detrimental to the environment overall, making organically grown coffee better for humans and the planet.

Certification is often expensive for small growers, so we also look for and support small and family-owned coffee growers who use green growing practices.

At Cupper’s, all of our coffee is ethically sourced: either certified organic or grown with green growing practices, and fair-trade. 

Guaranteed Freshness

guaranteed fresh coffee beans

As earlier discussed, one of the biggest advantages of buying independently roasted coffee beans is that you will have much greater choice and control over how fresh your beans are.

This is because smaller coffee roasters are much more likely to roast-to-order, or roast in small batches according to their own average daily sales. 

When buying canadian roasted coffee online, this is ideal as it means the coffee will be packaged and shipped shortly after having been roasted and will arrive at your doorstep within the time frame following the roasting where the coffee’s flavor is at its best quality. 

When you order Cupper’s coffee beans, we guarantee to send your order within the peak flavor period. 

Additionally, the roasters at Cupper’s are masters at their craft and roast in small batches on demand to ensure the utmost freshness and flavor. 

Community Building and Service

supporting community services and programs

Just as community members can give back to their local businesses by shopping locally and independently, independent coffee roasters have a responsibility to help improve the community that supports them.

This type of symbiotic relationship between independent businesses and consumers is what makes small-batch roasters’ products so special. 

The most obvious way a local roaster contributes to the community is by employment of local people.

But commitment to community can be shown in a number of ways by independent roasters, particularly in their charity or fundraising efforts.

A recognizable name and brand can be a powerful tool and finding a company whose values reflect those of the community is key. 

This kind of community-oriented mindset is exactly the kind of quality conscientious consumers look for in companies they purchase their coffee goods from, and exactly the kind of value that Cupper’s strives to achieve. 

The Creation of Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

freshly roasted coffee beans

Roasting coffee beans is a complex process that takes much training, concentration, and practice to become a master of.

Each coffee bean is different from the next, meaning that each batch of coffee beans roasted must be given the same level of care and attention to ensure their best flavor and roast level is achieved. 

The basics of coffee roasting involves carefully applying heat to green coffee to bring out the inner oils and aromas trapped within the bean itself.

The application of the heat optimizes natural chemical reactions that cause the sugars, proteins, and acids inside the coffee beans to transform, releasing ideal flavors and aromas.  

Coffee flavors and aromas are incredibly diverse.

Notes of chocolate and nuts, sweetness, savoury and/or  spicy elements, floral and fruity flavors… are all found within coffee.

In fact, there have been over 850 flavor and aroma compounds documented. A masterful small-batch roaster knows how to identify and bring out these compounds.

Flavors and aromas also depend on what part of the world the coffee comes from.

Coffee can embody the flavors of other natural things grown in the region, such as nuts, flowers, berries and chocolate.

It is key when shopping online for coffee beans in Canada to seek out roasters who provide good explanations and descriptions of what each of their different roasts are like.

The ability to articulate a coffee’s flavor is no skill to be scoffed at and finding a roaster willing to provide detailed information indicates they truly know their stuff and can provide you with quality beans.

Understanding the Coffee Roasting Process

coffee raosting

The traditional process for roasting coffee is to place the beans inside of a heated drum that rotates.

As the beans enter the drum, the temperature falls for the first few minutes until the “turning point” when it begins to rise again.

The roasting process has begun! For the duration of the roasting process, careful adjustments to heat and airflow are made in order to control the roast profile. 

The internal temperature of this drum is initially very high – between 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

In general, these are the internal temperature ranges that each type of coffee roast should have:

  • Light Roasts: 390 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Medium Roasts:400 – 415 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dark Roasts:415 – 430 degrees Fahrenheit

There are also some general qualities associated with different types of roasts.

For instance, darker roasts have a significantly deeper, caramelized flavor, while lighter roasts can reflect brighter and more floral notes that are lost in the darker roasts. 

How Coffee Loses Its Flavour and Goes Stale

coffee flavor

After a batch of coffee beans have been roasted, they go through a process known as “degassing.”

Degassing is the period of time in which carbon dioxide that built up inside the bean during the roasting process is slowly released from within the bean. 

This process ultimately helps to fully develop and finish the flavor and aroma of a batch of coffee beans, which is part of the reason roasts are considered to be at peak quality several days after the actual roasting. 

However, there is a delicate balance between waiting the appropriate time after roasting versus waiting too long.

This is due to the fact that as the carbon dioxide leaves the coffee beans, it is slowly replaced by oxygen, which then causes oxidation. 

To prevent this oxidation from occurring, commercial and corporate size coffee manufacturers will package their coffee beans in air tight bags.

However, an airtight bag is still ultimately not enough to fully preserve and maintain the beans’ flavor – only purchasing and consuming recently roasted beans will provide the true essence of the coffee.

Cupper's Custom Innovation in Roasting

coffee roasting innovation

Here at Cupper’s, our coffee masters are passionate about the art of roasting coffee beans, and that passion is reflected in the tools and innovation used in our roastery.

After partnering with a PhD in thermal dynamics, Cupper’s was able to create its own custom built coffee roaster made to meet our roasters’ specific desires.

A major improvement from traditional roasters is that the Cupper’s custom roaster allows for greater control over heat and airflow within the drum of the roaster.

This allows for much more precise heating of the beans and refinement of flavor.

This customization of the roaster is what helps Cupper’s to stand apart from our competition.

Our equipment is designed to create more flavorful and balanced roasts compared to other roasters’ small-batches, and the unique specifications used to design the roaster allow us to fine-tune our flavors to perfection.

Our Coffee Bean Roasts

coffee bean roasts

Here at Cupper’s, you can find the full variety of coffee bean roasts for your purchasing delight.

We offer everything from light, medium, and dark roasts, to decaffeinated coffees and specialty blends.

Plus, by purchasing any of our many coffee bean roasts, you get the Cupper’s guarantee that your coffee beans are ethically sourced and either certified organic or grown using green growing practices.

Light Roasts

Light roasts are a great choice for both coffee fanatics and newbies alike.

The shorter roasting time allows the beans to retain more of their specific flavors of the region they’re grown in, and retain more of their caffeine content as well.

The flavors are typically described as being refreshing, and brighter than those of darker roasts. 

At Cupper’s, we offer two light roast coffee beans:

Medium Roasts

Medium roasts are typically the most commonly purchased and consumed varieties of coffee bean roasts.

The popularity of medium roasts is the reason why our selection of medium roasts is our largest range of coffee products.

The flavors can range widely within different medium roasts, which is why we provide such a large selection for our customers to try and discover. 

At Cupper’s, we offer 18 total varieties of medium roast coffees, including:

  • A Coffee Shop Near Me, Medium Roast
  • Brazil Bourbon Santos
  • Café Barcelona
  • Colombian Supremo
  • Costa Rica Monte Cristol
  • Ethiopian Longberry Harrar
  • Ethiopian Yrgecheffe 
  • Guatemala Antigua Medium
  • House Blend
  • Indian Mysore
  • JavaZombies Medium
  • Kenya AA Medium
  • Mexican Custepec Medium
  • Peruvian Café Femenino 
  • Rocket Brand Espresso
  • Shark Bite Espresso
  • Spring Blend
  • Tanzania Peaberry

Dark Roasts

dark roast coffee beans

While our medium roasts may be our biggest selection of coffees to choose from, our dark roasts are not far behind.

The dark roasts made here at Cupper’s have a range of flavor profiles to match any palette’s desires, from nut and clove flavors to sweeter hints of caramel and chocolate.

Here at Cupper’s, we offer 17 different dark roasts to choose from:

  • A Coffee Shop Near Me, Dark Roast
  • Bad Coffee
  • Café Paris
  • Coal Banks Joe 
  • Diner Joe
  • Espresso Zilla
  • French Roast
  • Gravel Bar
  • Guatemala Antigua Dark
  • JavaZombies Dark
  • Mexican Custepec Dark
  • San Francisco Espresso
  • Spitfire Joe
  • Sumatra Mandheling
  • Summer Blend
  • Valentine Blend
  • Xtreme Bean

Coffee Blends

coffee blend

On top of having such a wide variety of light, medium, and dark roasts, Cupper’s also offers a large selection blended coffees. These can be divided into three categories:

  • Cupper’s Blends
  • Cupper’s Espresso Blends
  • Cupper’s Seasonal Blends

Many of the above listed coffee products fit within these coffee blend categories.

We at Cupper’s understand the importance of innovation and experimentation, hence our vast array of blends for you to pick and choose your new favorites from. 

The benefit of choosing blended coffees is that you get more of the best of both worlds, with notes of both lighter and darker roast flavors.

Our blends can provide you with flavors from around the globe, with blends such as Café Paris – or more comfortable and familiar flavors if you prefer, such as can be found with Diner Joe

Decaf Coffees

Decaf coffee online

At Cupper’s, we take advantage of both Swiss and mountain water processes of decaffeinating our coffee beans to ensure decaffeination is achieved without the use of chemicals, preserving the quality and health of the coffee beans. 

Cupper’s takes great pride in its decaffeinated options.

We offer four varieties, each with distinctive flavor notes:

  • Colombian Decaffeinated 
  • Decaffeinated Espresso
  • Mexican Decaffeinated
  • Sumatra Decaffeinated 

BAD Coffee™

Bad coffee freshly roasted coffee beans

BAD Coffee is a line of coffee products offered here at Cupper’s that are centered around the main product –the nitro coffee cans.

Nitro coffee is a way to brew cold-brew coffee by infusing it with nitrogen, resulting in a cool and foamy liquid.

The coffee used to make this nitro beverage is also available for purchase, as well as single serve coffee bags for when you need that instant, on-the-go cup of joe. 

The three BAD coffee products currently available include:

  • BAD Coffee Dark Roast
  • BAD Coffee Nitro Cans
  • BAD Coffee Brew Bags

Our Top Selling Coffees

top selling coffees online

Of our wide variety of coffees available for purchase here at Cupper’s, there are of course certain products that have come out on top as our best sellers.

For coffee fanatics who are new to Cupper’s products, starting with our top selling products can be a great way to finding your new favorite coffee bean. 

Below we have described a few of our best sellers for you to look over and consider for your next coffee bean purchase, including a brief explanation of their flavor profiles and origins. 

BAD Coffe™

Top selling coffees BAD Coffee

Our BAD Coffee line of products does consistently well in terms of sales, as nitro coffee has remained a trendy new way to consume the beverage.

In fact, the process of infusing coffee with nitrogen results in a subtly creamier, sweeter, and a more intense flavor than your average cup of coffee. 

Don’t let the name fool you –our BAD coffee is anything but bad in terms of flavor and strength.

We also offer the dark roast beans used to make the nitro version of this coffee for purchase as well, for those who prefer a warm beverage over a cool one. 

 The flavor profile of this coffee is describe as being layered with different hints of sweetness, such as cola, molasses, and almonds. 

Indian Mysore

Our Indian Mysore coffee comes from the Mysore region of India, where it is dried in the sun and allowed to embody many natural flavors.

This coffee is categorized as a medium roast and is the one we recommend our new customers to due to its full-balanced and full-flavored nature that make it welcoming to coffee palettes of all kinds.

The Indian Mysore has an earthy flavor that is reminiscent of typically Indonesian coffee varieties, while also boasting light molasses and sweet tobacco undertones.

The familiar nuttiness of medium roast coffees is also present while drinking this particular roast.

Holiday and Seasonal Blends

Holiday and seasonal coffee blends

Specialty holiday and seasonal blends continuously prove to be a top seller when it comes to best selling coffee roasts.

Blends such as our Christmas Blend and Spring Blend sell out fast when their available and enjoying a cup of seasonal coffee is a great way to ring in a new holiday or season.

With specialty blends such as these, we take extra care to ensure the flavors are adjusted to match the occasion.

With the Christmas blend, for instance, is a medium-dark roast with an aroma defined by a certain nougat and vanilla scent and a silky body to match the indulgence of the Christmas season.

Our Programs

Here at Cupper’s, we do more than just sell and roast coffee beans.

We offer a variety of programs to both provide our coffee on a large and wholesale scale, as well as offering opportunities for organizations to partner with us to run fundraisers. 

Here is a quick rundown of what Cupper’s has to offer besides roasted coffee beans:

Fundraising with Coffee

fundraising online with coffee fundraiser

Cupper’s offers a unique fundraising partnership program that allows for community organizations, nonprofits, and other worthy causes to raise more funds through the help of selling a signature coffee intended to be sold for a specific fundraising purpose.

We strive to help organizations maximize their profits with our fundraising program, and as such we not require any startup fees or minimum orders.

Our team will work with you closely to create your own fair trade and ethically sourced blend of coffee that is unique to your fundraiser event. 

Wholesale Coffee

wholesale coffee Canada

For coffee and beverage cafes looking to switch coffee brands, Cupper’s offers many wholesale solutions for supplying coffee.

Cupper’s serves many cafes, restaurants, offices, and businesses around the area of Alberta, supplying coffee and tea products as well as other food supplies.

Plus, Cupper’s offers additional benefits for wholesale coffee account clients that use Cupper’s coffee exclusively, including:

  • Private label coffee
  • Syrups, smoothie mixes, and frappe powders
  • Milk alternatives
  • Sauces for barista drinks
  • Compostable cups and lids
  • Cardboard beverage sleeves
  • Coffee and water filters

Supporting Women Coffee Farmers with Cafe Femenino

ethically sourced coffee beans

As we covered earlier, Cupper’s works closely with Café Femenino to access fair trade and ethically sourced coffee beans, while also working to improve working conditions for women working in remote and rural coffee communities – especially those communities where societal barriers and cycles of poverty prevent female farmers from prospering off their hard work. 

The coffee production industry relies on predominantly female labor, and Café Femenino is working to ensure those women are treated and compensated fairly.

Farms and cooperatives of Café Femenino must agree to provide their women farmers with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Legal rights to their farmland
  • Leadership positions
  • Financial decision making power
  • Direct payment for their coffee products

The decision to partner with Café Femenino was not a hard one to make for Cupper’s, as inclusivity and leadership by example are two of the core values of our company as a whole. 

Office Coffee Solutions

office coffee solutions

Office coffee machines are on the decline in favor of a more customized and thoughtful means of drinking coffee within the work place.

If you work in an office and are tired of the blandness coming from your outdated office coffee maker, don’t fret – check out our post all about improving the office coffee experience.

Cupper’s is committed to helping all types of buyers improve their coffee drinking experience – and that goes for the workplace too.

We offer are coffee products wholesale to all sorts of clients, including offices and businesses.

Swapping out poorly brewed office coffee that you’re not even sure when it was purchased with fresh, organic, and ethically sourced coffee is sure to have a positive impact on your professional environment and overall attitudes of your staff.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying coffee beans online in Canada, there really is no beating a fresh batch of roasted beans from an independent roastery.

At Cupper’s, we have the vast selection of all types of roasts to meet the needs of everyone’s palettes. 

For the coffee experts out there, you know how essential it is to know where your coffee is coming from and when it was roasted.

For any newbies, it is key to always look for coffee suppliers who show commitment to both their craft and their community. 

Of the 33 varieties of roasted coffee beans we have to offer at Cupper’s, we are certain you will find the perfect roast or blend to tickle your fancy.

If you are looking to source coffee for a business, office space, or restaurant, don’t forget to checkout out all of our products, including brewers and brewing accessories. 

All of our bean varieties are available for purchase online, so get started finding your perfect coffee today!