Buying Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee in Canada 2022

Looking for Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee? We help you know if you’re getting true premium coffee.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is some of the best coffee in the world. This special coffee is grown in a very specific area of Jamaica. The zone features high-altitude volcanic loam between Kingston and Port Antonio. These are some of the highest mountains in the Caribbean. The climate of the region is cool and misty, with high rainfall and rich soil. These factors make the region ideal for growing coffee. Coffee grown in any other area of Jamaica is not the same quality. It’s not permitted to have the premium label of “Jamaican Blue Mountain®”.

As a buyer of fine coffees you need to ensure you’re getting the real product. There are coffee suppliers who misrepresent or exaggerate the origin of their coffees. They do this so that they can charge a premium price for a low quality product. Here, we’ll review tips to ensure you’re getting true Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee.
Cupper’s Coffee & Tea works hard to import the world’s finest coffees. Our Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee comes straight from the Clifton Mountain Estate. We sell our Jamaican Blue Mountain® only once a year (usually at Christmas) and only by reservation. Give us a call or stop by the store to get on our reserve list today.
Separate from our specialty coffees, we also have over 30 coffees available all year. If you are looking for the best coffee in Canada, look no further than Cupper’s Coffee & Tea.

What is Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?

Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee is grown at altitude between 900 and 1500 m. The areas are in Saint Andrew, Saint Thomas, Portland, and Saint Mary. It is some of the most sought after coffee in the industry. These are the only areas that get the Blue Mountain trademark. This special trademark is a specific guarantee of quality. It’s given only by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority.
Our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee has a high grade and rates in the top 1% as one of the most prized coffees in the world. We source our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee from the Clifton Mountain Estate. When our raw green beans arrive in their stamped barrel, it’s always a cause for celebration!
Jamaican town and forested mountains

What Makes Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee Special?

The climate in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica is perfect for coffee growing. With its combination of the perfect amount of sunshine and rain, the area couldn’t be better for beans. Because of this, many people consider Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee to be the best on the planet.

Due to the small growing area for these beans, Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee is in limited supply. There is only a small are of the mountains that produces the perfect coffee. On top of that, close to 80% of Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee is immediately exported to Japan.
Another factor in the short supply of Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee is growing time. Plants in this area take almost twice as long to mature as coffee grown in other regions. Once ripe the beans are all harvested and processed by hand, adding even more time and labour to the process.

What Is The Seal Of Certification?

There are very specific guidelines for coffee to have the Jamaican Blue Mountain®. This coffee must be completely grown, roasted, and packaged only in Jamaica. Purchasers buying coffee without the stamp are buying fake Blue Mountain coffee.
Cupper’s Coffee & Tea sources our Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans from Clifton Mountain Coffee Estate. The coffee comes to us sealed in a wooden barrel with the Blue Mountain stamp on the top. From there we roast your beans fresh so that you can enjoy them at the peak of their flavour. This coffee will have the smooth clarity expected from a high graded coffee.
side of a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Barrel
front of a Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Barrel

Next time you’re in Cuppers, check out our barrel collection in the back on the office. Many of these are from our past Jamaican coffees. (We even have mini counter-top versions of the iconic barrels to store your own coffee in.)

4 Points Before Buying Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee

1. Price

Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee comes with a premium price tag as a premium product. If you see coffee claiming to be Jamaican Blue Mountain® priced at $10/pound it’s likely not authentic.

2. Blends

The Jamaican Blue Mountain® Stamp isn’t required to be on a package if the coffee you are selling is a blend. Dishonest retailers can claim they are selling Jamaican coffee even if they’re not. Ask to see the seal and if they can’t show it to you, you aren’t getting the real deal.

3. Grading

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee has a grade based on size and defects. Grade 1 is the highest grade a coffee can receive. This means it has a large bean size and few, if any, defects. Can you guess which grade Cupper’s Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee has?
As with all our coffee, we only source the best. This means that our Jamaican Blue Mountain® is the highest grade from the best growing region.

4. Taste

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee has chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut aromas. It is smooth and velvety, and has a sweet lingering aftertaste.
Cupper’s Coffee & Tea’s Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee is only available once a year. We only have it in 3/4 pound bags and you have to reserve your bag in advance. Call us today to reserve your coffee, phone 403-380-4555.
a bag of blue mountain Jamaican coffee with a green enamel cup

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee taste?

You’ll catch notes of chocolate with a creamy aroma. This coffee tends to have a light acidity to it with no bitterness. Cupper’s Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee will have a crisp clarity.

Is Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee worth the price?

We 100% think so. This coffee is often sold out by reservation well before we even roast it. This is due in part because Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee is often touted as the “Champaign of Coffee”.

Where is Jamaican Blue Mountain® coffee grown?

Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee is 100% grown in Jamaica. The farms’ altitude is between 900 m and 1500 m in Saint Andrew, Saint Thomas, Portland, and Saint Mary.

Is Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee arabica?

Yes. Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee is of Arabica Typica strain of coffee beans.

Who sells Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee?

Cupper’s Coffee & Tea sells Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee… but by reservation only, and only around Christmas. Call us at 403-380-4555 to get on our Reserve Coffee list!

Is Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee available in K-Cups?

At Cupper’s Coffee & Tea we will grind your Jamaican Blue Mountain® Coffee for any brewer you request. This includes for use in a reusable K-Cup.

How do you roast Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee?

Surprisingly, it’s not that much different than our regular coffees. We just make extra sure we like the flavours at the roast level we settled on! For more about how we roast coffee, check out our post: The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Roasting.

Do you have any other specialty coffees?

We do! We often also bring in Extra Fancy Kona Coffee at about the same time. It’s another stunning coffee grown in a very limited area. It’s also become a favourite with many of our customers over the years. As with Kona, it’s only available by reservation.

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