Coffee Brew Bags

Coffee brew bags are the way to go when you’re in a hurry, or on the road. Now you never have to sacrifice quality coffee brewed the way you like it! These brew bags are all made with our coffee roasted fresh at Cupper’s Coffee & Tea. First, the coffee gets bagged within a couple of days of roasting. Then it’s portioned in compostable ‘tea bags for coffee’, and slipped in a sachet. Finally each sachet gets filled with nitrogen gas. Nitrogen is inert and preserves the coffee in it’s current fresh state… until you’re ready to use it!
Have better coffee instantly without using instant coffee. It’s the perfect instant coffee alternative – all you need is hot water. Single serve coffee bags make the perfect amount every time. Steep it as long as you want to get the intensity and strength of coffee you prefer.
And if you love cold brewed coffee… these are the EASIEST way to brew ever! Use the method of our our master roaster Josh. In the evening, he just tosses a bag in his mason jar, fills it with cold water, and sticks it in the fridge. In the morning, he grabs it on his way out, thinks happy thoughts and sips all the way to his favourite fishing stream. It’s the perfect start to a perfect day!

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