20 Best Gift Ideas 2021 – Unique and Cool!

best Gift Ideas

We’ve curated 20 of our best gift ideas that are unique and cool for those special people in your life. 

We have something for every budget.

Check out our gifts for mom, dad, or the kids below. Need a gift for that special gal or guy in your life? We have something for them as well! 

Let them laugh, giggle, and be delighted to receive any one of our unique gift ideas for 2021.

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You’ll find below:

Gifts For Mom

Need a thoughtful gift for your mom for this Valentine’s Day, her birthday, Mother’s Day or “Just Because” day? Let’s face it –  moms aren’t always easy to buy for. 

Skip the scented candles in 2021 and grab something that will delight her every day of the year! 

How about a beautiful and tasty gift basket? Our gift baskets fit a variety of budgets and tastes. They’re an amazing gift idea for any special occasion, especially on Mother’s Day.

For her special day, you can order a:

Order any one of our gift baskets online, over the phone, or in person. We ship across Canada and we offer FREE SHIPPING on orders of $150.00 or more. Our Lethbridge Gift Baskets ideas are creative, personable, and unique.

Our freshly roasted coffees by our master roaster can’t be beaten. We suggest our Peruvian Café Femenino. This carbon-free, certified organic coffee is one of the finest Peruvian coffees available. It supports an amazing organization, Café Femenino. They return all the proceeds from their coffee sales back to the women who grew it. Cupper’s also returns a percentage of sales to the Femenino Foundation.

Tell your mom about this coffee and why you chose it for her. Every day, while she enjoys the coffee, she’ll  think about how this simple morning pleasure helps support women and their families. That’s a win-win for everyone!

Feeling like you really want to splurge this year? Why not upgrade her tired, sad, old, dingy coffee maker? Our Breville machines are something to behold. Sleek, beautiful, counter-worthy, and budget-friendly!


Gifts For Dad

Don’t let buying the perfect gift for dad get the best of you!

If your dad likes the outdoors, working in the garage, camping, hunting, or fishing you may want to take a look at our AeroPress Coffee Maker. 

While he’s busy doing what he loves best he can whip up a wicked cup of coffee, in a few minutes, with minimal waste and clean-up. 

This little gem comes with everything he’ll need to refuel when he’s in the midst of one of his many projects except the hot water and coffee. 

But since he’ll need a top-quality coffee you can grab that too from our store or online shop and VOILA!

That’s 2 worthy gifts for dad that are not going to break the bank.

 If your dad loves to eat and enjoys a little spice the Chinook Crimson Fire Hot Sauce will grab his holiday attention.

And if it takes your dad a little extra help to get going for the day consider Kopper’s Shock Therapy dark chocolate-covered espresso beans. 

These little delights have been a top seller at Cupper’s for many years. 

Oh!  And don’t forget, if you can’t make a decision on what to get Dear Ole Dad  we can put together some perfect gift ideas for Dad in a Father’s Day Gift Basket.

Gifts For Kids

Let’s just be honest, kids are the best to buy for.

We have some great gift ideas for kids that will bring a smile to their faces no matter what the occasion.

Cupper’s love to support our local vendors and we love to support our local authors just as much.

Empower the child in your life to see things a little differently with “Josie & The Scary Snapper” by Elisa Downing. This sweet tale shines a light where it’s needed the most, night-time fears. 

You can purchase “Josie and the Scary Snapper on Elisa’s Amazon Page. 

And every child, young and old, loves our Character Collection of mugs, teapots, water bottles, and cookie jars. 

It doesn’t matter if they love Disney movies, Marvel superheros, Star Wars, or anything in-between. We have just the character you need for all the young and young at heart.

Another great gift for a child is our Stuffed Doorstoppers. They’re simply adorable and practical.

They aren’t exactly a stuffed toy…they’re weighted to hold open your door or keep it closed if that’s what you need instead.

We also have people who buy them just to snuggle, like snuggling up in a weighted blanket. Everyone loves to snuggle!

Gifts For Teens

You can find some pretty cool and unique gift ideas for the teens in your life in our online shop. Teens are a lot more active than a lot of us were when we were their age. They go to the gym, run, hike, do spin classes, take HIIT classes, and enroll in Boot Camps.

Help them stay hydrated, look cool, and stay healthy with a stunning travel mug. Swig Mugs & Water bottles will make you look like a gift hero in your teen’s eyes.

They are triple insulated stainless steel which will keep their drinks cold for 25 hours, and hot for 12. They have a wide mouth for ice or easy drinking, and a flat non-slip bottom, and easy-grip flat sides for a busy and active life.

Another great gift for your environmentally conscious teen is our Stojo Collapsible Water Bottles. These are reusable, collapsible, and made from food-grade silicone. They’re also free from BPAs, phthalates, lead, and adhesives. 


Gifts For Her

If you need “something special” for a woman in your life we can take some pressure off finding the best gift for her.

Our versatile and stylish Airscape Storage Canisters for coffee and food make a perfect gift for the lady who has everything. These stylish and innovative storage containers actually work! Their patented lid actively removes and locks out air to preserve and protect freshness and flavour. 

If you have a coffee snob that knows the difference between a fine cup of coffee and a GREAT cup of coffee then she should have one of these amazing coffee storage containers.

Impress the heck out of her by teaching her how her coffee should really be stored.

Or, consider a Wrapped & Ready-To-Go Gift Basket. Every basket contains our famous coffee and tea plus a huge variety of goodies and products from our store.

You can also customize your gift basket. Simply give us a call and we’ll make it just as you wish.

Reduce your shopping stress and order your gift online before stock runs out or time runs out on you.

Gifts For Him

Your friend, brother, uncle, any guy really, will appreciate any number of unique gift ideas from Cupper’s.

Saltwest Smashed Peppercorn sea salt is great for those guys who are interested in cooking or want to be a better cook.

Foodies love this salt as well. Our Gourmet section hosts a wide variety of these sea salts: Lemon Dill Infused, Roasted Garlic Infused, Salted Carmel Chocolate and so much more.

These salts are handcrafted in Sooke in the cold, pristine waters off the West Coast of Vancouver Island. The sea salt is hand-harvested in small batches. 

All-natural and free from anti-caking chemicals.

Yes, please!

We all know that coffee is best when it’s BAD! Our Bad Coffee is an exceptional drink and so is our Bad Coffee clothing.

Choose from hats, hoodies, t-shirts, and toques.

If you have a guy on the run and just needs a quick to-go coffee, treat, or some gourmet food, give them a chance to select their own perfect gift with a gift card.

Request any amount over $10 on the card.

Easy, peasy!

Our Featured Gift Item

Got someone in your life that’s just too busy to even make a decent cup of java in the morning?

Help them save some time and still enjoy a great few moments of their day with our Gravel Bar single-serve coffee bags.

Yes, you heard that right and they’re AMAZING!

We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting these little gems and they won’t disappoint.

Gravel Bar Coffee Brew Bags.

They work just like teabags!

They make excellent coffee and they’re quick and easy.

Our coffee bags are packaged and sealed using a natural nitrogen flush at the height of flavour, only days after roasting and grinding, which keeps the 5 sachets in each box  incredibly fresh.

And yes, the box and sachets are recyclable, and the bag and grounds are compostable.

If you have a coffee enthusiast who needs a quick coffee fix for their busy schedule then you have to try these little gems.

What a great gift idea!!

Gifts For Any Budget

Really, we have many great gifts ideas available in-store or online.

Organic teas, fair-trade, small-batch roasted coffees, coffee accessories, tea accessories, gift baskets, books, clothing, journals, teas, stickers, models, and so much more.

Take a look around, be inspired, and find unique and thoughtful gift ideas. 

You can pick up your items in-store, we can deliver them if you are in our delivery areas or we can send them to you by post.

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