Aqua Zinger – Pink


Aqua Zinger, Pink, Straw 19 oz

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The Aqua Zinger offers a fun new way to enjoy drinking water and reduce food cravings by subtly infusing water with flavors. From cucumber to lemon and lime, blackberries, kiwi, strawberry, peach, ginger, or even mint – your Aqua Zinger can infuse them all. The stainless steel bottle has a bottom-mounted grinder that retains the ground pulp of your ingredients, but allows the pure extracted flavors to travel through a fine-combed mesh screen and infuse the water. All you need is add fresh ingredients, twist, and shake! Aqua Zingers have more robust flavors after 15-20 minutes of steeping, but an instant infusion is still delicious, albeit lighter in flavor.

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Dimensions8.5 × 8.5 × 25 cm