Wize Earl Grey Coffee Leaf Tea


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Wize Earl Grey Coffee Leaf Tea gives you incredibly smooth Earl Grey taste, without the stodgy bitterness. No need for milk or sugar! Our award-winning coffee leaf tea, scented with beautifully fragrant bergamot oil. Wize Earl Grey Coffee Leaf Tea delivers antioxidants like mangiferin and cholorogenic acids. The use of coffee leaves creates year-round jobs for coffee growers. Put your steeping on autopilot – you can’t over-steep it. Just add hot water as needed for more cups. Ingredients: Coffee Leaf Tea, Sicilian Bergamot Oil, cornflower petals, natural vanilla flavour. 15 biodegradable sachets (35g). Lightly caffeinated, about 20mg per cup.

We have a wide range of Earl Grey teas for you to try! Check out our Rishi Earl Grey, our Numi Aged Earl Grey, our Bisou Earl Grey Crème Tea or our Metz Earl Grey Double Bergamot Tea .

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