How To Start a Unique Fundraiser

Cupper’s Coffee & Tea Fundraisers are the ultimate fundraising idea. Your event, charity, or non-profit keeps 25% of the proceeds!

Fundraising is vital for non-profit organizations. Many local governments have been reducing or cutting grants and supports. Thus, non-profits and other organizations are scrambling to raise the money they need.
Not only that, there is less disposable income available. Donors and supporters that could afford to give money may have to cut back on funds. There is now more competition than ever for less fundraising dollars.
Fundraising is easier and stronger if you have a unique product. It means that you and your cause will stand out among the crowd during challenging times.

Why Should I Start A Unique Fundraiser?

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Donors are sticking closer to home, and choosing to support local organizations. At present, local causes are much more likely to attract support than before the pandemic. This means that with a little creativity and effort, your fundraiser can succeed. Therefore, choosing a unique fundraising product is a great starting point.

Unique means interesting and creates an appetite for more. This may be difficult to achieve with catalog sales, due to the pre-made nature of those programs. Choose a product that your fans and supporters will actually use and want again. Start with Cupper’s Fundraising coffee to get your donors excited. Then you get to pick a custom-branded product with your mission and your message.

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Fundraising After COVID-19

For some, COVID-19 has changed the fundraising landscape. Social distancing has made event-based initiatives more difficult. This also means relationship-based fundraising is easier than ever. This is especially true when your agency’s annual golf tournament or black tie event can’t happen. Use your relationships to turn a challenge into a triumph.
With people more willing to support local causes, you have opportunities. Develop a strategy around the goodwill of the community you are already connected to. There your chances of success are much higher. Using a viable fundraising product will intrigue new supporters.
This is where coffee comes in. It’s a simple, delicious consumable that’s easy to store and easy to use. Most people drink coffee daily to perk up and energize. For this, they want amazing coffee. At Cupper’s, we make it easy to re-order on a regular basis to ensure your coffee stays fresh.
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Fundraising For Your Team

COVID-19 has represented unique challenges for schools and sports teams (thank-you, Captain Obvious). It turns out there are challenges even in normal circumstances.
Avid supporters of athletes are usually fundraising for a specific initiative. Often it’s an upcoming tournament or event to attend. This creates urgency to reach a single, short-term goal.
It takes a lot of time and energy to kick off and focus on a single-event fundraiser. COVID-19 has changed how events and tournaments occur. It’s likely that the events you once hosted to fundraise for these have stopped due to less attending.
Cupper’s Coffee switches the focus… You’ll go from short-term, goal oriented fundraising to long-term, year-round results. Opportunities for teams always arise, and extra funds again become necessary. Travel, participation, housing and other hidden costs in the COVID-19 era are very real. They also don’t stop after only one event. It’s important to continue your fundraising.

3 Benefits of Team Fundraising

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1. Team Building

First, School fundraisers are team builders. Members of a team can form relationships that are satisfying and fulfilling. Team building goes a long way to break down many barriers.

2. Skill Building

Secondly, the skills people develop while fundraising are valuable, long-term traits. Every day, people use the skills they built while working on a team fundraising project.

3. Community Building

Lastly, you are never too old or too young to help build your community. People with strong ties are more invested in the well-being of their community.
Ultimately, fundraising is pivoting to local, relationship-based strategies. It makes sense to offer products from local or community-focused vendors. That way, the donor can feel good by supporting a local cause, as well as a Canadian supplier.

Why It’s Easy To Commit And Succeed With This Fundraiser

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In the end, there’s one thing that makes a difference in your fundraiser: Values.
It’s simple to commit and succeed when your organization has values that line up with you and who you are. It’s better when they go further! It’s easy to sell a product when the company’s values are in alignment with yours.
Cupper’s Coffee & Tea is an excellent example of this. Our green beans are from ethical sources. We buy crops from small family-owned growers that treat their workers well. We want you to feel good about your coffee. Our values make it easy to see why so many fundraisers choose Cupper’s Coffee & Tea. They’re looking for good coffee to support their good cause.
 COVID-19 has shown us that you can never be too prepared. With a changing world a steady flow of fundraising profit can help in uncertain times. This is why Cupper’s offers long-term fundraising options. Your supporters can keep buying the coffee they love, while supporting your cause.

What Our Partners Have To Say About Our Fundraising

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Our fundraising team works with:
  • non-profits
  • charities
  • K-12 schools
  • post-secondary institutions
  • clubs
  • animal rescues
  • seniors homes
  • sports teams
  • churches
  • and more.
We are lucky to be working with amazing groups every day to help them reach their fundraising goals. But don’t take our word for it! Check out these glowing testimonials from some of our long-term fundraising partners:


“Our campaign WAY exceeded our expectations. Our donors loved the coffee, and the support we received from them was amazing.” – Halo Air Ambulance
“Working with Cupper’s was an amazing experience. They listened to our needs and created a thoughtful blend keeping our clients in mind!”Parkinson Association of Alberta
“We thought coffee would make a fantastic fundraiser. We were right! It was so easy. The Cupper’s people have such a happy, positive energy.”Park Meadows Christian Playschool

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a coffee fundraiser profitable for small and large groups?
Yes! Cupper’s Coffee & Tea Fundraisers can be profitable for any group regardless of size.
How long does it take to receive our fundraising order?
After we receive your order, we ship coffee out five business days at the latest.
Are there any upfront costs to a Cupper’s Coffee & Tea Fundraiser?
No. There are no upfront costs to starting this fundraiser, so even if you only sell 1 bag of coffee you have a profit!
Do I have to pay shipping on a Cupper’s Coffee & Tea Fundraiser?
Any order over 100 bags of coffee qualifies for free shipping.
Can I sell my fundraising coffee online?
Absolutely! Let our fundraising professionals know that you wish to sell your coffee online. We will then provide you with a link to share with your supporters.
How do I contact Cupper’s Coffee & Tea Fundraising staff?
You can call or e-mail us anytime Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.