Cupper’s Coffee Roasters, Keeping it GREEN

​And here you thought it was just our un-roasted coffee beans that were green! We’re doing so much more to keep our footprint as small as possible. 

Let’s count the ways!

  • We recycle and re-use all of our cardboard, bubblewrap, glass and plastic bottles, tetra packs, milk jugs, and soda cans.
  • We shred and recycle all of our paper and left-over labels. 
  • We recycle all of our ink cartridges.
  • We give away our jute coffee bags for re-use and re-purpose (Sack race, anyone? Or for use in your garden? Or to make an apron? The possibilities seem endless)
  • The chaff from our coffee roaster is composted. 
  • All of our coffee arrives on wooden pallets, and we re-use these. You’d be amazed at how they pile up. 
  • All of our to-go drink containers (cold cups, hot cups, lids, java jackets, straws!) are 100% compostable – yay us!!!
  • We encourage all our customers to bring in their own mugs by giving a discount on drip coffee (We’ll only charge you for a small coffee, as long as you’re not bringing In a giganto-sized barrel mug)
  • We encourage re-using our half pound and one pound retail coffee bags by offering a little discount when you bring them in for re-filling 🙂
  • We’re moving away from individual office-coffee portion packs and encouraging our wholesale customers to buy 5-lb bags instead. It’s working!
  • We encourage our wholesale tea customers to buy bulk tea bags, sans individual packaging and boxes. (sans = without)
  • We sell recycled kraft paper gift bags for when you’re giving gifties.
  • We’re in the process of converting all of our old bulbs into energy-efficient bulbs. (It’s a lot of bulbs.) 
  • Finally, and most importantly, everything we do at Cupper’s is fuelled by the ultimate energy bio fuel: COFFEE.