Lethbridge Parrot Club

Rude Awakenings Coffee supports the Lethbridge Parrot Club and it’s members. The Lethbridge Parrot Club is dedicated to support, educate and give a sense of community. Their focus is on parrot owners in Lethbridge and southern Alberta. They have regular meetings in Lethbridge, where additional support and education on caring for your long-lived feathered friends is a key focus. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram for more information on meetings and events.

But if screaming birb’s are the only thing keeping you awake… you might need a boost from our medium blend Rude Awakenings Coffee! This blend is exclusive to the Club, and features a screaming Greta on the label. You’ll be screaming in perfect harmony right back at your birb buddy once you’ve had a cup or two. But it’s not for the birbs. Who the heck wants a caffeinated parrot??!

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