Lethbridge Public Library

The Lethbridge Public Library (LPL) is an institution here in southern Alberta. The LPL has two locations, including the original branch in central Lethbridge, and the Crossings Branch in west Lethbridge. They have books for very young to classics older than any of us. The sites have a full audio/visual library, and a large local history section. The libraries also offer reading support and 2nd language mentoring through their volunteers. In addition to books, the Library has a huge range of services for people of all ages and abilities. Markets and art shows are not uncommon. And if you can’t get to the library, the Bookmobile might be coming to an area near you! It’s surprising what you can get from your local library!

The Lethbridge Public Library coffees support our local library in both locations, with programs, purchases, and all things library! Their dark roast is rich, has lots of depth, and is very user-friendly… Just like the Library itself. Every bag purchased helps raise another $5 which they put directly back into supporting their users in our community.

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