Hario Simply V60 Glass Pour-Over Set


Hario Simply V60 Glass Pour-Over Set

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The Hario Simply V60 Glass Pour-Over Set is the next step in coffee pour-overs. It’s amazing in the small details that make such a difference in the flavour. This set comes with four components. First, there’s the clear glass pour-over. The base of the pour-over is acrylic to minimize bumps and chips, while the glass hopper is fluted to give maximum extraction of your favourite Cupper’s coffee. Second is the carafe, also made of glass, and which holds two cups of coffee. Third, the set comes with a scoop that perfectly measures your coffee dose. Last, it also includes Hario V60 paper filters that are perfectly designed for the Hario pourovers.

This is a perfect gift item for someone special that is looking to up their coffee style. It’s small, easy to use, and makes surprisingly great coffee. Use this with Hario #2 Paper filters for the best experience. Or if you really want to minimize waste and never want to run out of filters, use the Pinyon Products Cloth Coffee Filter Hario V60. It’s designed especially for these brewers.  Grab a pound of your favourite Cupper’s Coffee ground for a pour-over, and enjoy!

Weight .650 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 12.5 × 21 cm


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