Jura Cup Warmer


Jura Cup Warmer

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The Jura Cup Warmer is the ultimate accessory to take your amazing Jura Espresso Machine to the next level of luxury. No one likes getting a wonderfully brewed cup of coffee in a cold cup. Hot coffees always taste best when served hot! Now, with a pre-warmed cup, your cappuccino or flat white will stay fresh and rich for longer. The mouth-watering aroma is released for your full enjoyment. And with it’s elegant, slim design, it sits perfectly beside your Jura as a lovely matched set.

The Jura Cup Warmer has two heating elements to keep your cups and mugs at approximately 55C. Your espresso and tea beverages never need to hit the bottom of a cold cup again. There are two drawers, and each holds 5 espresso cups, 4 coffee cups, or 6 cappuccino cups. In addition, the top aluminum rack also passively heats additional cups and mugs on top for when you want to serve more drinks. It also features programmable on and off times. Now set it for your morning coffee, or welcome home latte!

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 23 × 43 cm


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