Pinyon Cold Brew Cloth Filter


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Your Pinyon Cold Brew Cloth Filter works amazingly well for creating stunning, rich cold-brew coffee for all your iced latte needs. Karen at Pinyon Products makes these large, drawstring bags from a 55% hemp, 45% cotton blend. These are bigger than one might initially expect, but the extra space lets your ground coffee steep naturally for hours in icy water. There’s plenty of room to allow good water circulation to get the best, richest cold brew possible. Afterwards, compost your used grounds, and then simply rinse the filter out and lay it flat to air-dry. Wash them without soaps or detergents as the hemp helps keep them naturally clean, and then you also don’t have any soapy leftover flavour. Made in White Rock, B.C.

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Dimensions 5.5 × 14 × 0.75 cm


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