Gravel Bar Coffee Brew Bag Pack of 10


Gravel Bar Coffee Brew Bag Pack of 10

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Gravel Bar Coffee Brew Bag Packs are an amazing new way to enjoy your coffee anywhere, anytime. First, we use ground Gravel Bar Coffee at the perfect height of flavour only a couple of days after roasting. Then the ground coffee gets packed in small, individual net bags. Finally, each bag is single sealed in a sachet with the air inside replaced with nitrogen. Because there is no oxygen in the bags, the coffee stays incredible and fresh. Even better – the bag and sachets are recyclable AND the steeping bag and grounds are compostable! Our brew bags make stunning good hot coffee, or you can use them with ice water (and time!) to make a rich, sweet cold brew. Get $5 off getting ten bags instead of just one!
Think about it. It’s just you, your fly-fishing gear, and a cup of Gravel Bar Coffee. Our Master Roaster (Josh) is a fly-fishing aficionado. He’s been tying flies and flying high with this popular blend. Featuring our medium Brazil Bourbon Santos and dark Diner Joe coffees, how can you go wrong? When asked about its flavour profile, Josh said, “cocoa and campfire, with roasted nuts on the side.” How can you resist?
Either way, you’ll love the ease and convenience of our Gravel Bar Coffee Brew Bag Pack of 10. They’re perfect for taking camping, in your RV, or hoteling it across the country. And who can an awesome cold brewed coffee for those hot summer afternoons! Get $5 off by getting ten bags instead of just one. But if you really want just one to try or slip into a card, or give as part of a gift, get it here!
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