Chinook High School Choral Program Coffee

Your purchase of the Chinook High School Choral Program coffee helps keep the music going and flowing!

The Choral Program has three components that you now support. Each strengthens the student’s self-esteem and confidence, and helps them become better performers.

First, the Concert Choir is a mixed voice choir that meets two times a week during the flex block. Students works on basic choral technique and a variety of repertoire. No formal training is required, just a love of choral music and a willingness to contribute their voice to a collective sound. Then, there’s the Women’s Chorus which explores the range and sound of the female voice. The music provides a fun challenge to the members of the group. They work on singing throughout their entire vocal register and in close three+ part harmony with other female voices. Finally, there’s a Mixed Chorus who sings a variety of music, from madrigals to jazz and everything in between. Students will be encouraged to learn a variety of genres and styles to broaden their technique and vocal sound.

Each of the Chinook High School Choral Program parts need support with music, supplies and training. This is where the fundraising becomes key to helping the program grow and flourish. Keep the students singing!

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