Hario NEXT Syphon Coffee Brewer


Hario NEXT Syphon Coffee Brewer

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The Hario NEXT Syphon Coffee Brewer is a lovely addition to any kitchen or as a gift for anyone who loves a coffee ritual. Coffee syphons are not new, but Hario has redesigned this version completely. Start by  holding the ergonomic and stylish handle. The upper and lower bowls and the alcohol burner are all of heatproof glass for safety while brewing. And instead of a more-traditional cloth filter, the syphon brewer has a newly developed metal filter. This filter gives your coffee even more body than traditional syphons. Try how good this makes your coffee, and you’ll never go back to a traditional brewer again!

For a quick view on how to a Hario Next Syphon Coffee Brewer works, check out their video. We highly recommend trying this with our Tanzania Peaberry Medium Roast Coffee. It’s sooo good!

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Dimensions 11.5 × 18 × 39 cm


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