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Rishi Unity Tea is a Cupper’s classic, blended just for us and our customers. Spicy ginger, soothing licorice and zesty lemongrass are blended with immunity enhancing Ayurvedic herb. This composes one of Rishi’s tastiest and most innovative caffeine-free infusions. Based on an ancient Ayurvedic cold and cough remedy, the swirling aromas of rain forest spices and citrus enliven the senses and strengthen the system. Its ingredients are 100% organic and include lemongrass, ginger root, cardamom, licorice root, peppermint, and black pepper. To brew, we recommend steeping 22 mL of tea in 235 mL of water heated to 93C for 5 minutes. Check out our recipe for our Unity Tea Medicine Ball that’s sure to sooth the roughest throat. Enjoy the soothing warmth.

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