Pacific Barista Oat Milk


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Winner of the Best New Product 2018 Specialty Coffee Association, Pacific Barista Oat Milk is a rich milky choice for your coffee. When it’s steamed, it creates perfect micro-foam for lattes and other hot beverages. It’s barista-approved and makes gorgeous latte art! It has a long shelf-life and keeps well until you’re ready to use it. The screw-on cap is easy to open and seals well for storage in the fridge after it’s been opened. It’s dairy and lactose free for those who can’t have regular milk. It’s also a great alternate for anyone who wants something different.

All our milks are shipped dependent on weather.  Warm weather is not a concern, but if it’s too cold we may not be able to ship due to freezing. 32 oz Tetrapak.

Check out our Easy DYI Chai Tea Latte Recipe, using Ambient Moon Chai Concentrate, your favourite alternate milk, and a Bodum Schuima Frother. They’re perfect for any chilly evening.

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