Cupper’s Coffee and Fly Fishing. What a combo.

We like to keep our coffee customers on their toes.

​When people come into the store, they’re always surprised at some of the neat stuff we carry.

Here’s the latest!

We’re offering the fine fly-fishermen & women of Lethbridge a local spot to pick up a few quality expendables: Flies, Tippet, Leaders, and ​Gink.

Yes, a small part of our store space is now dedicated to fly fishing.

Why not? Our roaster is a huge fly fishing fan!

Josh also came up with a new coffee for fly fishing folk: Gravel Bar.

It’s fantastic coffee, and even makes a beautiful espresso: great crema, velvety body, with notes of baker’s chocolate and walnut. Wow.

Josh has tied a small selection of great dry flies you don’t see much in fly shops these days.

(Or at least not quite the same as these.)​

​Check them out:

We’re carrying Stroft tippet & leaders – world’s strongest, or so they say.

(P.S. Need some Stroft? We’ll ship it. 1-800-561-3136)

And Gink. Just Gink.

(Because you don’t ask your buddy if you can borrow some fly floatant, you just say, “Got any Gink?”)

And of course! You need a great cup of freshly roasted coffee for the road! Load up with Gravel Bar Coffee and get going!