Roasting the Best Coffee: Cupper’s Custom-Built, Tricked-Out Coffee Roaster

Our Custom Built Coffee Roaster takes the fine art of Coffee Roasting to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

Lethbridge Coffee Roaster

At Cupper’s, we “cup” (taste-test) coffee from roasters all over
Canada and the U.S. just to make sure we stay at the top
of our game. With pride, we can say our coffee is CONSISTENTLY
more flavorful, balanced, and rich than others.
 Our roasting equipment is top-notch,
and so are our master roasters.
  Our custom-built coffee roaster was “tricked out”  to meet
our super-high standards and unique specifications.

Regular roasting equipment doesn’t allow control of the heat and airflow to a fine
enough tolerance.
(Think of the difference between a blow torch and a gas stove.)


So. The answer was to build a custom coffee roaster. With the help of a friend with a PhD in thermal dynamics and a local fabricator, our roaster was born.
It was all very complicated, and got a little crazy there for a while, but our guys knew what they were doing. We even asked them to do things like slow down the rpm of the drum to increase the sweat-time of the coffee. 

These small improve improvements in our roaster translate into BIG improvements in our roasted coffee. We can refine our roast in ways that other roasters just can’t match.

We roast almost every day… if you’re in the store and you’re interested, watch our master roaster create some magic.