BAD Coffee Brew Bags


BAD Coffee Brew Bags (5 pack)

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BAD Coffee Brew Bags are an amazing new way to enjoy your coffee anywhere, anytime. Our bags are packaged with ground BAD Coffee at the height of flavour only a couple of days after roasting. Each bag is individually sealed with the air inside replaced with nitrogen. Because there is no oxygen in the bags, the 5 sachets in each box stay incredibly fresh. Even better, the box and sachets are recyclable AND the bag and grounds are compostable! Our brew bags make stunningly good hot coffee, or you can use them with ice water (and time!) to make a rich, chocolatey cold brew. Either way, you’ll love the ease and convenience of our BAD Coffee Brew Bags. They’re perfect for taking camping, in your RV, or hoteling it across the country. You can also use them to make an awesome cold brewed coffee for those hot summer afternoons!

So, why does BAD Coffee taste so good? We only use the finest of beans that have been sourced by our elves, picked by our pixies and packed to our roastery by our unicorns. We individually check each bean for the right balance of sass, fun and flavour. Only then are they roasted by our master roaster, who was taught in the ways of roasting by the ancient oracles of Atlantis. In other words, our beans are organically grown, ethically sourced, and meticulously roasted. Only then do we use dark magic to infuse each bean with our bad vibes.

Check out our BAD Coffee Twitter and Instagram pages for more fun. Come, join us on the dark side… we have coffee!

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